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Above.com offers two methods of registering domains. You may register one domain at a time or you can choose to use our Bulk Registration tool if you need to register two or more at once.

Register a Domain

In order to register a domain, you will need the following:

  • Valid Domain Contact details.
  • Sufficient funds in your Above.com balance or have your credit card details on file to cover the cost of the registration.

    To begin registering your domain(s):

    1. Click on the Register - Dashboard link in the menu.

    1. Enter the name of the domain you wish to register and click the Search button. The search results will appear, displaying the availability of your desired domain name.

    1. Click the Add to Cart button to select the domain you wish to register and then click the Checkout button to proceed to the checkout.

    Tip: If the domain availability check fails, you can click the Recheck link to search the availability again.

    If the domain is already registered, you can click the Backorder button to add it to your list of backordered domains. Once these domains expire and become available for registration, our system will automatically attempt to register them on your behalf.

    Note: You can find your list of backordered domains in the Backordered Report.

    1. Select the number of years of registration you wish to purchase for your domain from the Quantity (Terms) drop down list.
    2. If you have any Coupon Codes to apply on your purchase, please click the Have a coupon code? link and enter the code. Then click the Apply button before completing the checkout.
    3. When you are satisfied with the details of your purchase, please take a minute to review our Terms and Conditions. If you accept the terms and conditions please check off the I accept the terms and conditions checkbox and click the Checkout button.

    A confirmation page will display with the specifics for your registration and backorder.

    Note: If a domain fails to register for any reason, your Above.com account will automatically be refunded the registration cost.

    You may now click the Manage Domains link to view domains in your account.

    (Click to expand)

    Note: TLDs other than .at, .be, .cc, .cz, .de, .eu, .fr, .me, .nl, .pl, .tv, .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk will all incur a 60 day lock (shown by the blue key icon) preventing it from being transferred to another registrar.

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    Bulk Domain Registration

    Our Bulk Domain Registration tool allows you to easily register up to 5,000 domains at once.

    To access the tool:

    1. Click Register - Dashboard in the menu.
    2. Click the + Bulk link in the Register Your Domain Name section.

    1. Enter your domains (up to 5,000) into the field, one domain per line, ensuring you include the domain extensions.
    2. Click the Search button to check for availability.

    Note: When bulk registering 100 domains or less, our system will do domain availability searches in real time and allow you to choose domains to add to cart. When registering more than 100 domains, you will be taken to a confirmation page which will show you a break-down per TLD, but will not check domain availability until you confirm registration. In this case, you will be refunded for any domains that cannot be registered.

    1. Select the number of years of registration you wish to purchase for your domains from the Quantity (Terms) drop down lists.
    2. If you have any Coupon Codes to apply on your purchase, enter the code in the field provided. Then click the Apply button before completing the checkout.

    Tip: You can view the Pending Registration report to view the progress of your bulk registration and domains still to be registered.


    • The .feedback extension is a restricted-purpose domain and cannot be pointed to your own name servers or website. See the registry's FAQ for more information.
    • To register .uk domains you must set or add a domain contact that has a valid postal address located in Great Britain (GB), Guernsey (GG), Jersey (JE) or the Isle of Man (IM) as the default contact for UK ccTLD's.
    • To register .com.au domains, you will need to set or add a contact that has the valid pre-requisites for AU namespace domains. To read more on this, please view the registry's FAQ.