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Savings Calculator

How much can you save by transferring domains to Above's Registrar? Use the calculator to find out.

Saving Calculator

To find out possible savings by transferring your domains to Above.com Registrar please:

  1. Select the eligible / Registrar supported TLD from the drop down menu.
  2. Enter the number of domains of the selected TLD type you have at other registrars.
  3. Enter your average registration cost in USD.
  4. Add your average domain privacy cost in USD. The total annual cost per domain will then be shown in USD.
  5. Click on the Calculate Savings button.
Transfer Savings

The yearly saving opportunity in USD will be displayed. Transfers of 100 or more domains of the same TLD/ccTLD may qualify you for a volume discount. Click Request Rate Quote to inquire.

Note: If your current registration price is lower than Above.com's price, let us try to beat your total annual cost per domain by clicking on Request Rate Quote button.