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API Queries - List Accounts

The list_accounts function lists parking service accounts in your Monetization AutoPilot account and their settings. No additional parameters are available for this function.

Additional Parameters

  • show_deleted - This will show all parking service accounts that have been deleted as well as active accounts. Default is "0" (disabled). Accepted values are "0" (disabled) and "1" (enabled). (Optional)

Example query and response:

In this example, we will retrieve a list of all parking service accounts and their current settings.

Example query:


			<result account_id="1230" cname="www.above.com" download="1" enabled="0" name="SEDO" park_id="1" redirect_type="cname" username="sedouser1230"/>
			<result account_id="1231" download="1" enabled="1" ip="" name="SEDO" park_id="1" redirect_type="ip" username="sedouser1231"/>
			<result account_id="1232" download="1" enabled="0" name="Skenzo" park_id="17" redirect_type="default_302" skz_customerid="654321" username="skenzouser1232"/>

Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.