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Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports allows you to automatically generate and optionally export reports periodically. These include statistics and revenue for a specific time period or group of domains.

The Scheduled Report feature can be accessed from the menu in the Reports (AutoPilot) section under Portfolio Manager.

Adding a Scheduled Report

The same options are available as when a domain report or statistics report is manually created.

For Service Comparison reports, the scheduled report will show the previous three completed months or quarters and the previous two completed years depending on the frequency setting chosen.

For more information, please see the Reports manual page.

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The frequency of the report can be set to Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. When selecting Yearly, the option of Calendar Year (Jan - Dec) or Financial Year (Jul - Jun) is available.

Note: So that complete and accurate reports can be compiled, the report will be created 5 days after the time period has elapsed.

Viewing Scheduled Reports

To view reports created by the scheduler, you can click on the link in the Access Reports column or click on Jobs Queue and then select View Report.

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What do the columns mean?

This is a brief description of the type of job requested. Jobs can be Domain report, Day report, Folder report, Month report, Month & Domain report, Month & Service report and Date & Service report.

The column shows how often the report will be created. It will also show Calender or Financial when the Yearly frequency is selected.

This shows the folder of domains to be used when the report is generated.

The numbers of domains specifically added for the report is displayed here. This number can be selected to view the list of domain to be used.

Date Added
This column shows the date and time the Scheduled Report was added. Reports are automatically sorted with the most recently scheduled first to easily see your last entry.

Access Reports
This column shows the number of reports created since the report was initially scheduled. Selecting this link will show the requested reports created.

Next Report Due
This shows when the scheduled report will next be created. This can be sorted by clicking on the column title to view the next report to be created.