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API Queries - Update DNS

The update_dns API function updates the nameservers for a domain. You need to specify at least two nameservers and a maximum of four. Additional parameters are required for this function.

Additional Parameters
  • domain - Domain name to updated. Note: http://www. should not be included.
  • dns - New nameservers, seperated by commas (,). You need to specify at least two nameservers and a maximum of four.

Your API key is required and all values should be correctly URL encoded.


In the below example, we will update the nameservers for "oranges.com" to "ns1.above.com" and "ns2.above.com" (domain=oranges.com&dns=ns1.above.com,ns2.above.com).



<results code="100" />

Example 2

There are various possible errors when updating nameservers for a domain. In this example, we will attempt to update nameservers for "oranges.com" to just "ns1.above.com" (domain=oranges.com&dns=ns1.above.com). As we have not specified at least two nameservers, the request will fail.



<results code="1303">
             <msg>Invalid number of DNS servers specified</msg>

Error Codes

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.