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Pushing Domains

Pushing domains is moving a domain from one Above.com account to another Above.com account. Once the account push has been completed, the domain will automatically be locked within the receiving account and its privacy settings will remain the same. The only information needed to push a domain is the username of the account to push the domain to. Pushing domains is completely free of charge.


  • Pushed domains do not receive an additional year of registration.
  • Please push domains only if you understand the consequences of doing so. Once you push a domain to a different account, you lose all control over that domain.
  1. To push a domain, click on the Manage Domains link in the Registrar section to view your domain details.
  2. Place a check mark beside the domain name you wish to push.

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  1. Click the Push button start the process.
  1. On the resulting screen, select the option for Push on the left hand side and enter the Account Name you wish to push the domain into on the right hand side. You may also specify which contact details will apply to the domain once it has been transferred to the other account.

    Choosing the Use Default Contact from Domain Recipient Account* option will select the Check to Remove 60 Day Lock checkbox. Removing the checkmark will enable a 60 day lock on the domain once you and the new Domain Registrant have confirmed the transfer.

You may choose to use the default contact details from the recipient account or the current domain contact. Please note that if the Domain Privacy setting is enabled for the domain before it is pushed, it will remain enabled in the recipient's account.

  1. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click the Submit button.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your request to push the selected domain. Click the OK button to continue or the Cancel button if you need to make any changes.

The domain push is queued and then processed within a few minutes. When it is complete the domain will no longer appear in your Manage Domains list and you will receive an email advising you that the domain has been successfully transferred to another account. The receiving account holder will also receive an email to notify them to domain is now in their account.

Both you and the owner of the recipient account will receive an email Confirm Domain Registrant Change for example.com that will have a link to confirm the transfer. Please click the link and the Domain Registrant details will be updated.