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All domains can be sold on the Above.com Marketplace.

Domains sold that are not supported at Above.com Registrar have facilities for the seller to provide the buyer with the transfer details.
Above.com automatically provides secure escrow on all domains sold via the Above.com platform. As a registrar, Above.com has full control of a domain from the moment a successful offer concludes. Using a third party escrow service is redundant and is not supported. Exceptions can be made for high ticket items by special arrangement.
If you are already using the Above.com Monetization service, the existing traffic and revenue domains can be included in your for-sale listing. This is optional and you can include the revenue stats, traffic only, or no stats at all.

If you are not using the Monetization service, you can still provide your third party parking statistics by doing an import. To do this, log into the Above.com Monetization and enter the parking accounts you wish to import data from. This is done in the Manage Accounts section. Once setup, an import will happen automatically within 24 hours. Please note however that for more parking services, only the last 30 days will be imported. Once the import is complete, you will be able to include the parking statistics as part of the listing.

Note: Your Monetization account can be used to only import parking statistics for the purpose of your listing. You do not need to actively use the Monetization service or change the DNS on your domains.
No. However, if your domain is supported by our Registrar and is sold, you must immediately transfer the domain to Above.com in order to complete the escrow requirements of the sale. When using Above.com as your registrar, buyers are guaranteed instant transfers upon payment. This is a key feature of the Above.com sales platform.
If a domain sells, the greater of either US$20 (or equivalent currency) or 10% of the total sale price for each domain is charged. The amount is paid by the seller unless agreed otherwise. Important note is that the seller will be provided the buyers Name, Email and Phone, with every offer they get. If a domain is sold VIA brokerage, 15% from the sale price is charged and for Brokerage the buyers contact details are not given to the seller.

Escrow is provided free by Above.com and all escrow costs are included in the above fees.

LISTING your domains in Above.com's Marketplace is FREE.
If your domain is NOT already at Above.com, you will be asked for your Authcode (Transfer Authorization Code) to start a domain transfer for the domain being sold. You can elect to provide the Authcode then, or wait until the domain is sold. Your domain is available for sale immediately after listing, however you will not get payment for the domain until the domain is transferred to Above.com escrow. For more information about transfer fees on the Above Marketplace please visit http://www.above.com/marketplace/transfer-fees.html
Buyers are guaranteed instant domain transfers upon receipt of payment, provided that the domain name is at Above.com already. This also is an advantage to Sellers who receive their payment quicker, than waiting for domains to transfer after the domain is sold.
Buyers have the option to make an offer on a domain listed in the Above Marketplace. You can either reject, accept or make a counter offer.
Payment is issued to your Above.com account balance after the BUYER funds have been processed, and transfer of the domain to the BUYER is confirmed.
Domains that are in the 60 day lock period can be sold through the Marketplace. We hold the proceeds in escrow until the WhoIs details have changed to the new owner and the sale has been confirmed.

Payment is made manually in this case and you will need to contact Sales@above.com, 1 week after the sale has been confirmed through marketplace, this is the safest way for the seller and the buyer to make this transaction as the domain is not in our system.
Yes. You can make a request to be paid out funds from your Above.com account balance via PayPal or a bank transfer. To request a payout please:
  1. Log into your Above.com account.
  2. Select "My Account" link then, "Request Payout" in the "Payout Details" section.
  3. Select the payment method.
  4. Enter the amount to be paid out from the total available.
  5. Click on the "Request Payout" button.

Your payout request will then be processed at the end of the month.

Note: A minimum request of $100 is required for a payout via PayPal and a minimum request of $1,000 is required for a bank transfer.
If a refund of all or part of a payment is requested, it can only be refunded via the method it was originally paid.

Buy It Now options will not appear on domains that are brokered on Above. Make Offer listings allow our brokers to negotiate the best price for your domain sales.

Some domains have a fixed price for which a domain can be bought. In such cases a "Buy Now" button appears in the domain listing. Clicking the Buy Now button completes an instant purchase of the domain.
Start at the Domain Marketplace page, click on the BIN column header. It will sort the Marketplace listing so that the domains priced with a Buy It Now (BIN) price are at top.
From the Domain Marketplace page, find the search box and enter the TLD you are searching for. For example if you only wanted to see .NET domains, enter .NET in the search box.
Click on the 'Advanced Search' option to expand the Advanced Search feature.

If you only wish to see domains with specific TLDs, place a checkmark beside the TLD of your choice or click the down arrow under the TLD section to see a full list of available TLDs.

If you only wish to see Expired domains, select the Expired checkbox in the Search by type section.

You can also exclude or include domain names that contain Hyphens, IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) domains, Numbers or Portfolios by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.

The Max Characters specifies the maximum number of characters a domain may have to be included in your search results.

You can also search all domains that start with certain set of characters by using the Status With field.
Yes, use the OFFER tab to make an offer. Enter the domain and your price offer. The seller will ignore, reject, or accept your offer. If the seller rejects the offer, they have the option to counter-offer. If the seller accepts the offer, they have the option to send the domain to escrow to close the deal with you.
This list of domains has expired beyond the grace period allowed by our registrar. These domains are either in, or about to go into redemption. These domains will be listed for sale before they are deleted.

To sign up for the Marketplace Report please visit http://www.above.com/marketplace/signup.html

Complete the signup form and click the 'Submit' button. On the next page you will receive a confirmation of your subscription and you will have an opportunity to invite a friend or associate to subscribe as well.

To complete your registration you will need to click the confirmation link that is sent to your email address. If you do not receive your confirmation email in a timely manner, please check your junk/spam folder.
To invite your friend to subscribe to the Marketplace Report please visit http://www.above.com/marketplace/refer.html

If you are already logged into your Above.com account your name and email address will automatically be completed on the form for you. Simply fill out the rest of the form and click the 'Submit' button.

Your friend will receive an email inviting them to subscribe to the Above.com Marketplace Report. They will need to click the confirmation link to accept your invitation and complete their subscription.