AutoPilot Boosts Revenue on 100k Domain Portfolio

A domain investor with over 100,000 domains no longer had the time or patience to test, analyze and determine how to maximize the earning potential for each domain. AutoPilot not only offered to do all this work for him, but … Read More

Update on Top 5 new gTLDs

Registrations as of 30-Aug-16 Growth since 27-Jun-16 Growth since 16-Feb-16
1 XYZ @ 6,485,796
2 TOP @ 3,553,591
3 WANG @ 1,061,245
4 WIN @ 1,013,822
5 CLUB @ 801,761
1 XYZ @ +2.0%
2 TOP @ +31.7%
3 WANG @ -0.8%
4 WIN @ +5.5%
5 CLUB @ -0.9%
1 XYZ @ +176.3%
2 TOP @ +159.6%
3 WANG @ +67.2%
4 WIN @ +63.5%
5 CLUB @ +12.7%

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The Domain Conference

Visit With Us at The Domain Conference Sept 10-14, 2016 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL Stop by our booth to get the latest tips on how can improve the performance of your domain asset investment portfolio. Our platform provides insightful … Read More

AboveScanTM Protects Against Redirection to Malicious Sites

Our AboveScanTM technology demonstrates just how serious we are about protecting your domain assets. It detects and minimizes the damage caused by malicious advertisers. Here is how it works: On a daily basis, AboveScanTM systematically scans domains on our name … Read More

Redirection of Domain Traffic to Malicious Sites Is An Increasing Problem For Our Industry

By David Warmuz, President, Trellian When domain traffic is redirected to malicious sites, it not only undermines the value of that traffic, but it also undermines the value of domain names as an asset. This is a serious threat to … Read More

New Tutorial Video: How To Set-Up Your AutoPilot Account

If you haven’t completed the set-up process for your AutoPilot account, you may want to check out this new 4 minute tutorial video. View AutoPilot account set-up tutorial video. It walks you through the 4 Steps involved in setting up … Read More

New Registrar Feature: Two Step Authentication

When this optional security feature is enabled, a code generated by your mobile device will be required before certain changes can be made to your domains. Login and enable this new feature in the My Account section under the Account … Read More

Our Registrar Saves You Time and Money … And Helps You Avoid Headaches

Why spend extra time managing domains spread across multiple registrars? Consolidating your domains into our Registrar can save you lots of time and money. Discounted registration and renewal rates. Free whois privacy. Free bulk managment tools apply desired actions … Read More