Domain Consolidator Video Released’s Domain Consolidator™ is a common-sense solution for an all too familiar problem among domain investors. The innovative new feature within’s Portfolio Manager platform eliminates the time and effort required to track expiration dates on domains spread out across … Read More

Traffic Source Breakdown Desktop vs Mobile Now Available

Have you ever wondered how much of a domain’s traffic is from desktop versus mobile users? And wouldn’t it be helpful to see trends over time on desktop versus mobile traffic? We are pleased to announce that this valuable information … Read More

Make Fast Decisions With AutoPilot Charts

Make fast ROI-improving decisions based on portfolio-level data provided in nine different AutoPilot charts. Each chart is interactive. The specific data associated with a pie slice, bar, or trend line will appear whenever you hover over it. The Portfolio Demographics … Read More

New AutoPilot Dashboard Charts

AutoPilot’s dashboard now includes new Performance Summary charts that provide instant insights to help improve your portfolio investment decision-making. New: Revenue by TLD, Demographics, Hourly Traffic, TLD Breakdown. Nine insightful charts available in downloadable and expanded view. Login to your … Read More

AboveScanTM Protects Against Redirection to Malicious Sites

Our AboveScanTM technology demonstrates just how serious we are about protecting your domain assets. It detects and minimizes the damage caused by malicious advertisers. Here is how it works: On a daily basis, AboveScanTM systematically scans domains on our name … Read More

Redirection of Domain Traffic to Malicious Sites Is An Increasing Problem For Our Industry

By David Warmuz, President, Trellian When domain traffic is redirected to malicious sites, it not only undermines the value of that traffic, but it also undermines the value of domain names as an asset. This is a serious threat to … Read More

New Tutorial Video: How To Set-Up Your AutoPilot Account

If you haven’t completed the set-up process for your AutoPilot account, you may want to check out this new 4 minute tutorial video. View AutoPilot account set-up tutorial video. It walks you through the 4 Steps involved in setting up … Read More