Above Parking Manager Renamed to AutoPilot

Why the name change? Despite what many domainers think, Above.com is NOT a parking company. We actually help domainers like you operate at a level above parking companies by making them compete in real-time for your traffic. Naming our core … Read More

Maximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager

Maximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager! The point of being a domain investor is making money, and our Maximizer feature was designed to help you do just that. The Maximizer is our exclusive monetization program that offers your domain … Read More

The Evolution of Above Parking Manager

Our Parking Manager platform has evolved and has undergone some exciting enhancements! Above Parking Manager makes domain management and monetization simple. Based on our proven proprietary algorithm, our AboveOptimizer routinely identifies the best performing service for each and every domain … Read More

Above.com adds .WEBSITE, .HOST, and .PRESS to its list of supported Top Level Domains

Above.com to add three new Top Level Domain to the Above.com Domain Investor Platform on September 18, 2014, marking the start of the General Availability phase for these domains. Clients will be able to register .WEBSITE, .HOST, and .PRESS domains … Read More