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API Queries

Note: To access the Monetization AutoPilot API, you will need an API key. Contact your account manager to obtain one.

All Monetization AutoPilot API queries need to include your Monetization AutoPilot username, password and API key. You must make sure all values are correctly URL encoded. All queries will start with https://www.above.com/api.php. All examples in this manual will show user and pass where you will need to insert your Monetization AutoPilot username and password, respectively and key where you need to insert your API key.

Note: All examples in this manual use GET queries, but our API accepts variables passed via HTTPS GET or POST.

All API responses are in XML format (or CSV format when returning a report) and thus can be interpreted by almost all modern programming languages and web browsers. If a parameter is missing or you fail to provide correct login details, an error message will be returned. For a full list of possible errors and their solutions, see the Error Codes manual page.

Functions available via the API: