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The Manage Domains page is the primary location for managing your domains at the Above.com Registrar. All functions such as domain renewal, set DNS, domain push, domain lock/unlock are initiated from this page.

The default view on the Manage Domains page is Overview. This view can be selected by clicking on the Overview tab. This shows the flag, domain name, the first and second DNS set, date of registration, date of expiry, overall status, domain privacy status, the domain contact applied, auto renew status and the lock status.

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Tip: Columns can be sorted to ascending or descending order by clicking the column heading.

The Custom tab can be used to arrange and display only the columns you would like to view by clicking the icon and dragging the selections in order of preference and also display or hide via their flags.

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Available columns are:

# (Number of Characters) Age (Domain Age)
BIN - (Buy It Now Value) Category
Clicks (Clicks for the past 12 months) Comment (Domain Specific Comments)
Contact (Domain Contact ID) Cost (Domain Renewal Cost)
Created (Domain Creation Date) DNS1 (Primary Domain Name Server)
DNS2 (Secondary Domain Name Server) Domain Lock Status
EPC (Earning per Click) Expires (Domain Expiry Date)
Folder (Above.com Folder Name) For Sale (For Sale at Above.com)
H (Historical Offers Received) IRR (Internal Rate of Return value)
Keyword Min Bid - (Minimum Offer Amount)
Paid (Amount Paid for the Domain) Privacy (Domain Privacy Setting)
Renew (Renewal Settings) Reserve - (Reserve Price)
Rev (Revenues earned in the past 12 months) ROI (Return on Investment)
Status (Domain Status) TLD (Domain TLD)
Traffic (Traffic stats for the past 12 months)


  • The Flag and Domain columns will always be displayed and can not be removed.
  • Select the Custom Tab as default tab option to make the Custom tab the default view when opening Manage Domains.

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Note: Clicking on the [+] beside Revs, Traffic and Clicks in the custom view will expand and display the stats selected for each month.

Important: Domain Revenue and Traffic stats are only displayed on domains using the Above AutoPilot service.

You are able to set the value, paid, minimum bid, reserve price, buy now price from either the Overview or Custom tabs:

  1. Place a checkmark beside the domain(s) you would like to set one or more of these amounts.
  2. Click on the More button.
  3. On the resulting window, select Set Paid, Sale, Value Details from the menu on the left.
  4. Enter information in the appropriate field.
  5. Click the Submit button to save your settings.

Important: Leaving a field blank when entering details will clear any information previously added.

Tip: If you only wish to edit the value or details for a single Paid, Min Bid, Reserve, BIN, Category, Keyword or Comment field, simply click on the cell and make your changes and then click the Update button.