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Sell Domain Settings

The Offer, Display, Auction and Brokerage Preferences can be found on the Sell Domains Settings page.

Offer Preferences

These settings allow you to opt-out of receiving offers, only receive offers from Email Verified users, set an account wide Minimum Offer Default value or accept offers below your minimum.

Offer Preferences

Do not accept any offers
Select this option if you do not want offers to be made on any of your domains. This will override the Y or N option set for domains in the My Domains For Sale and My Domains pages.

Note: Do not accept any offers must be disabled to use any other offer related preferences.

Only Receive Offers from Email Verified Users
Buyers will need to have their email address verified before an offer can be made on your domains. This helps to reduce spam. This is more common if you have a very low or no Minimum offer value set.

Do not Syndicate Domain Listings
This option when selected will not add your listings to the Above.com Partner Network. Partner sites including other marketplaces will generate additional exposure when selling domains. Partner Network generated sales charge additional domain sales commissions of up to %20. We recommend using our Auto Increase BIN function to counter their fees.

Do not Increase BIN by 20% on Syndicated Listings
Selecting this option will not increase the BIN price by 20% for Syndicated listings.

Minimum Offer Default
Set an account wide Minimum Offer amount. This setting will increase all existing Minimum Offer values below that value, to the amount specified. Any domains with a higher existing Minimum offer value will not be affected.

Accept Offers below your Minimum
By default, offers are rejected that are below your set Minimum Offer value and buyers are advised to increase their offer value. Enabling this option will create an Offer for you to consider, even if the Offer value is below your set minimum.

Important: Ensure you click on the Submit button after any changes are made to save your settings.

Display Preferences

With these setting you can choose the template, show or hide the BIN price, choose the wording and the background image for the offer page the potential buyer views.

Display Preferences

Choose the layout of the offer page by selecting from one of four templates.

Show / Hide BIN
If a BIN price has been set for the domain, you can choose to display or hide it on the offer page.

Select from Might Be For Sale or Is For Sale. Choosing Is For Sale can indicate your willingness to sell the domain.

Background Images
Here you can choose to have the background rotate through the available images or select a specific background to be used on the offer page.

Tip: Click on the Preview button to view how the offer page will display with the Display Preferences selected.

Auction Preferences

Here you can set your preferences that will be applied when sending domains to auction.

Auction Preferences

Minimum Starting Bid Default
If you would like all auctions to have a preset Starting Bid when creating a listing, you can enter it here and it will be applied as long as there is no domain level Minimum Offer amount set.

If the domain level Minimum Offer amount has been set, this amout will be used as your Starting Price when creating a listing.

Set Default Auction Length
Auctions can be 3, 7, 14 or 30 days in length. The default length set will be applied when listing domains.

Important: Ensure you click on the Submit button after any changes are made to save your settings.

Brokerage Preferences

Activate / Deactivate Brokerage
This is where you can activate or deactivate the Above.com Brokerage Service for all of your domains. Please note that the Above.com Brokerage service fee is 15% (only 5% extra) based on the domain sale value. This includes our free domain escrow service.

Clicking on the Edit link will take you to the Brokerage page where more Brokerage Preferences are available.

Note: If this service is activated, all offers on your domains will be sent directly to the Above.com Brokers. You will not be able to action or reply to any of the offers received.