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API Queries - Domain Client Lock/Unlock

Client locking and unlocking domains is achived using two different functions: lock and unlock. There are several higher levels of locks for domains that cannot be controlled using these functions. You will not be able to unlock a domain if it has been locked at the registrar or registry. Note that some TLDs do not support the client lock function. Additional parameters are required for this function.

Additional Parameters
  • domain - Domain name to lock or unlock. Note: http://www. should not be included.

Your API key is required and all values should be correctly URL encoded.


In the below example, we will lock the domain "custard.com" (domain=custard.com).



<results code="100" />

Example 2

You cannot unlock a domain that has been registrar, registry or 60 day locked. In this example, we will attempt unlock "handbags.com" (domain=handbags.com).



<results code="1203">
 <msg>Domain is locked by registrar</msg>

Error Codes

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.