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API Queries - Search Terms

The searchterms function lists the top 10 requested search terms for a domain in descending order and includes the hits for the time period selected.

Additional Parameters

  • domain - The domain you wish to retrieve requested pages for. (Required)
  • view_period - The time period to retrieve statistics for. Default is "last7days". Accepted values are "last7days", "last3months" and "last6months". (Optional)
  • start - The starting offset for results. Default is 0 (Optional)
  • num - The number of results to show from the report. Default is 100, maximum is 1,000 (Optional)

Example query:


			<result hits="10099" search_term="example"/>
			<result hits="2587" search_term="example login"/>
			<result hits="1962" search_term="ex ample login"/>
			<result hits="770" search_term="example.net"/>
			<result hits="538" search_term="example net"/>
			<result hits="205" search_term="example login.net"/>
			<result hits="204" search_term="example domain login"/>
			<result hits="198" search_term="examplelogin. net"/>
			<result hits="188" search_term="ex-ample login"/>
			<result hits="178" search_term="examplelogin admin"/>

Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.