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Jobs Queue

The Jobs Queue page shows details for current and completed statistics imports, reports and other jobs requested.

Jobs Queue
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In the below example, the user has requested a report for 2016-01-30 for their ParkingCrew account and the job is pending.

Job Queue - Pending
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Once the import is finished, the the Status column will show Completed if the job was successful. Other statuses and their meanings are shown below.

What do the columns mean?

Job Type
This is a brief description of the type of job requested. Jobs can be Move folder, Delete domains, Delete folder, Add domains, Remove domains, Reimport, Bulk import,
Report export, Custom report, Custom statics report, Statics report export, Domain stats history, Custom revenue breakdown, Custom user domains, User domains export and
Blacklisted domains export.

This column shows the date and time the job was requested. The jobs queue can also be sorted by the Requested column making it easier to find a particular job as
the time a job starts will vary depending on the completion of previously requested jobs.

This shows the date and time the job started after being requested. This time is often close to the Requested time unless a previous job has not completed before starting another.

This is when the job completed. A date and time will not be shown in this column until the job has completed.

Note: All times shown in the Requested, Started and Completed columns are in PST: Pacific Time (USA & Canada)

This column shows if the job is pending, running or has completed.

From Date
The start date which the report or function information is compiled from.

To Date
This column shows the end date which the report or function information is compiled to.

This shows the folder of domains used when the report was generated.

The numbers of domains specifically added for the report is displayed here. This number can be selected to view the list of domain to be used.

The services if selected in the report compiled will be displayed in this column.

If a parking service has been selected for the report, the account name for the service will be listed here.

Different types of statuses

Pending – The job has been requested but is still waiting in the queue before being processed.

Running – The requested job is currently being processed.

Completed – The job has finished and completed successfully. If you have requested a report it can now be viewed by clicking on the View report/Download file link
in the Job info column.

Failed – The job was unable to finish and a reason will be shown in the Job info column.

Job info

This shows further details of the job such the Account and Service for a bulk import so that if there are many imports it is easy to differentiate between them. Completed reports
that are unable to display immediately are able to be accessed from the Jobs Queue by clicking on View report for the job requested. Exported reports can also be accessed and
downloaded from the Job info column by clicking the Download file link.