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API Queries - List Parking Providers

The list_parking_providers function lists parking services supported by Monetization AutoPilot account and their ID. No additional parameters are available for this function.

Example query and response:

In this example, we will retrieve a list of all parking service accounts and their current settings.

Example query:


	<result name="SEDO" park_id="1"/>
	<result name="DomainSponsor" park_id="2"/>
	<result name="DomainApps" park_id="3"/>
	<result name="Fabulous" park_id="10"/>
	<result name="Skenzo" park_id="17"/>
	<result name="Maximizer" park_id="19"/>
	<result name="Hotkeys" park_id="21"/>
	<result name="Bodis" park_id="25"/>
	<result name="DomainAdvertising" park_id="31"/>
	<result name="RookMedia" park_id="35"/>
	<result name="DomainNameSales" park_id="36"/>
	<result name="ParkingCrew" park_id="38"/>
	<result name="TheParkingPlace" park_id="39"/>
	<result name="Voodoo" park_id="43"/>

Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.