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The data fields in this table can be filtered and sorted in order to help you identify domains with either excellent or poor monetization performance. Analyzing these domains could help you generate buying or selling ideas and actions to improve ROI.

Note: Use “Advanced Search” to apply data table filters.


Sort by Revenue, Traffic, Clicks, EPC or ROI to identify poor performing domains.

  • Tip: Use the Bulk Update button to move these domains into a special folder or to reset for sale prices to get them sold faster.

    Tip: The ROI data field requires renewal Cost data. You can enter renewal cost, including whois privacy, line by line in the Cost field or visit the Edit Registration & Renewal Costs page to enter your average renewal cost for each TLD.

Sort by Folder, Category or Keywords to see if there are any positive or negative trends to act on.

  • What if data is missing in the Category or Keyword fields?
    • You can enter data line by line in the respective field.
    • Or if you already have your domains organized by category into separate folders, use the Advanced Search to filter by Folder and then use Bulk Update to assign Category and Keyword.
My Domains - Monetization
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Clicking on the [+] beside Rev, Traffic and Clicks column headings will expand the table to show data per month for the last 12 months.

Clicking on any of the column headings will sort by that column making it easier to view the information.

Inline editing is available on the Paid, Cost, Category and Keyword columns.

To view more information on what the columns mean, please view the Column Descriptions manual page.