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This page coalesces all the data for listing your domains in the Above.com Marketplace into one area. From here you can view the status of your domains and when they are due to expire, the amount you paid, the yearly cost to renew, revenue produced for the last 12 months, traffic for the last 12 months, ROI and much more.

My Domains For Sale
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Tip: Click on the cog icon to select which columns to display and the order to be shown in.

To view more information on what the columns mean, please view the Column Descriptions manual page.

Selling Domains

Fixed Price Sale

Domains that have been set Y in the For Sale column, brokerage not enabled and only have a BIN Price set will be added to the Domain Marketplace as a Fixed Price Sale.

To list domains in your account as a Fixed Price Sale, please:

Sell Domains - Fixed Price Sale Setting
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  1. Click on the For Sale column cell for the domain and set it to Yes.
  2. Click on the BIN column cell for the domain and set the BIN Price.

Important: Ensure that brokerage is not enabled or the domain will still be brokered.

The domain will then be added to the Domain Marketplace with the BIN you have set.

Inline Editing

For ease of use and quick updates, inline editing has been enabled for the following columns:

  • For Sale
  • Show Traffic Stats
  • Show Revenue Stats
  • Adult Based Domains
  • Min Offer
  • Reserve
  • BIN
  • Paid
  • Cost
  • Category

To edit any of these values or options, simply click in the appropriate cell and add a value or select the desired option. You can then either press the Enter key or click on the green checkmark icon to save your changes.

Receiving Offers

When domains are added to Portfolio Manager, they are automatically displayed as Make Offer listings in the Marketplace. This is useful for many different reasons however, if you have no intention in selling a certain domain and do not wish to receive offers, you can stop offers being made by setting the For Sale option to N.

Sell Domains - Min Offer Amount
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If you only want to receive offers above a certain value, you can set the Min Offer amount for individual domains or an account wide value in the Sell Domains Settings page. Blocking all domains from offers can also be set. Please refer to the Sell Domains Settings manual page for more information.