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API Queries - Restore

The restore API function restores a domain that has expired and is in redemption. Currently the restore function is not supported by all TLDs. Restoring a domain that has expired attracts a higher fee than registration or renewal. Use the Check Pricing and Check Balance functions to check the domain restoration cost and that your account balance is adequate before proceeding. Additional parameters are required for this function.
Note: UK domains can be reactivated during the redemption period by using the Renew API function.

Additional Parameters
  • domain - Domain name to restore. Note: http://www. should not be included.
  • restore_reason - Provide the reason you need to restore the domain(s).

Your API key is required and all values should be correctly URL encoded.


In the below example, we will restore the domain "mybusiness.com" with the reason "Webmaster forgot to renew" (domain=mybusiness.com&restore_reason=Webmaster forgot to renew). Note that all values should be correctly URL encoded, particually the reason value (see below).



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Error Codes

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.