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Missing Traffic Report

The Missing Traffic report lists domains where traffic forwarded by Above.com has not been reported by your parking company. This may indicate a potential problem.

Missing Traffic
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The possible reasons are:

  • The domain has not been added to your parking account.
  • The domain is currently in the account of another user.
  • The parking company does not recognize the traffic as valid and is not reporting it.
  • The parking company has blacklisted the domain.

What should you do?

  • Login to your parking account and check if the domains are in the account. If not, add them.
    Check back tomorrow to see if the domain still appears in the Missing Traffic Report.
  • Check the Conflicts section to see if the domain in currently in another Above.com user's account. If it is appears in this list, either claim (only if you own it) or delete the domain from your Above.com account.
  • If the parking service does not recognize the traffic as valid, it may be that bots are visiting this domain. You can try moving it to a different parking service or adding it to this service's blacklist.
    See the Managing Blacklists manual page for more information.
  • If none of the above helps, the parking service may have blacklisted the domain. Please contact the parking service directly to enquire about this issue. If they confirm that they have blacklisted the domain, you can add it to Above.com's blacklist for this service to make sure no traffic is sent to this service.
    See the Managing Blacklists manual page for more information.

To view more information on what the columns mean, please view the Column Descriptions manual page.