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Add Domains

The Add Domains section and quick link allows you to add domains to your Portfolio Manager and Monetization AutoPilot accounts. You can copy and paste the list into the text field (one domain per line) or, for a larger number of domains, use the upload From File option.

Add Domains

Note: Accepted file formats for upload From file are .CSV and .TXT

If you have created folders, you can choose to put the domains into a different folder. Otherwise, select (Default), you can move your domains later.

Any domains in conflict will be shown when you add or move domains between folders. The domains in conflict can be viewed on the Conflicts page.

Custom DNS

Above.com can now provide a Custom DNS that can be used instead of the default NS1.ABOVE.COM and NS2.ABOVE.COM. Using the name servers provided will enable us to resolve your conflicts automatically within six hours and also adds a layer of security against other users as it will not allow them to Claim Ownership of any domains with your Custom DNS.

To have Above.com generate a Custom DNS for you, please click the "Generate Custom Above DNS" button on the Add Domains page.

The custom DNS that has been generated for you will be displayed to the right of the domain entry field.

Note: You can only be assigned one Custom DNS. Selecting the option each time you add or move domains will not create a new Custom DNS.

Important: The Denic registry which controls the ccTLD .DE does not support Custom DNS. Please use the default Above.com name servers NS1.ABOVE.COM and NS2.ABOVE.COM for .DE domains.

Add Domain(s) Responses

## New domain(s) added - The domain(s) have been added and there is no ownership conflict with another account.

## Domain(s) re-added - Added domain(s) had previously been deleted.

## Domain(s) added, however owned by other user(s) - The domain(s) have been added however, the ownership has not been changed as a WHOIS look up shows another owner's details.
If you believe this to be in error, please contact support@above.com

## Domain(s) are in conflict - A ownership Conflict has been raised as the domain(s) have previously been added by other user(s).

## Domain(s) are in the current folder - The domain(s) added have already been added to the selected folder.

## Domain(s) moved from ***** to ***** - The domain(s) added were previously in another folder and have been moved to the selected folder.

## Domain(s) moved from locked folder ***** to ***** - The domain(s) added were previously in a locked folder and have been moved to the selected folder.

Warning: ## Domain(s) is blacklisted on Above.com. Please use a DNS other than Above.com to monetize blacklisted domains - One or more of the domains added have been blacklisted by Above.com. Blacklisted domains can have stats imported from parking services however, if the domain is using Above.com's name servers, no traffic will be directed to any parking services.