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Domains To Consolidate

The Consolidate tool allows you to easily monitor expiration dates across all registrars and quickly make smart ROI based decisions. You can then initiate transfers to Above.com and save on renewal costs.

Consolidate - Summary
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The Consolidate summary displays at a glance:

  • The number of domains that you currently have at Above.com as well as the total amount at other registrars that are eligible1 to transfer to Above.com.
  • The number of domains expiring and or transferring to Above.com within the next 30, 90 and 120 days.
  • The yearly savings2 possible by transferring your eligible domains to Above.com at our discounted prices.
  • The number of domains that require action to complete a transfer and in transfer.

Tip: Clicking any of the links will display the domains in that category.

1. TLDs/ccTLDs must be supported by Above.com Registrar.

2. The difference based on the cost per TLD/ccTLD amount set or default prices at GoDaddy compared to Above.com's cost price.

Domains to Consolidate
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Customizing Your Display

The Custom tab can be used to arrange and display only the columns you would like to view by clicking the icon and dragging the selections in order of preference and also display or hide via their flags.

Custom View
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Available columns are:

# (Number of Characters) Age (Age of Domain)
Authcode Clicks (Clicks for the past 12 months)
Cost (Domain Renewal Cost) DNS
Cost (Domain Renewal Cost) Domain Status
EPC (Earning per Click) Expiry (Expiration Date)
Paid (Amount Paid for the Domains) Registrar
Rev (Revenues earned on the past 12 months) ROI (Return on Investment)
RPM (Average revenue per thousand unique visitors) H (Historical Offers Received)
IRR (Internal Rate of Return value) TLD
Traffic (Traffic stats for the past 12 months) Transfer Date
Transfer Status

Tip: Click on any of the column headings to sort the column in ascending or descending order.

Setting a Domain to Transfer

The Transfer to Above.com tool can be used on eligible domains that have the authcode added and are unlocked.

Transfer to Above.com

To set a domain to Transfer to Above.com please:

Transfer to Above.com
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  1. Ensure that the domain is unlocked (Domain Status = OK) at the current registrar and has the Transfer Status = Transfer Ready.
  2. Add the Authcode by clicking on the Add link, enter the Authcode and then either click the green checkmark icon or press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Place a check mark beside the domain.
  4. Click on the Transfer to Above.com button.
  5. You will then be shown the cost to transfer the domain.
  6. Note: If you have a Coupon Code for this transfer, please click the Have a coupon code? link, enter the coupon and then click Apply. The discounted price will then be displayed.
  7. Once you have reviewed the cost to transfer, click the Transfer Now Confirm button.

Making Multiple Changes/Actions

The actions below can be completed on multiple domains by placing checkmarks beside the domains, clicking on the More Options button beside Transfer to Above.com, choose the required action and then clicking on the Submit button.

More Options
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Choose an option and then click the Submit button.

More Options
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Transfer Statuses

Authcode Required - The Authcode has not been added for the domain.

Conflict - The domain has an ownership conflict.

Failed (Account Balance) - The Scheduled Transfer has failed due to an insufficient account balance at the time of transfer.

Failed (Credit Card) - The Scheduled Transfer has failed as the credit card on file could not be charged at the time of transfer.

Failed (Authcode) - The Authcode has not been entered or is incorrect.

Failed (Internal Error) - Transfer failed due to a system error. Please contact support@above.com

Failed (Locked) - Domain could not be transferred as it was locked when transfer started.

Failed (Not Supported) - TLD/ccTLD not supported by Above.com Registrar.

Failed (Rejected or Timeout) - The transfer was rejected by the losing registrar or the transfer was not confirmed.

Failed (Request Failed) - Please contact support@above.com as there has been an issue lodging the transfer request.

Failed (Unknown) - Please contact support@above.com.

Pending Whois Lookup - The WHOIS look up has been queued for the domain or has not completed yet.

Register - The domain is not registered. Clicking on the Register link will take you to the Domain Registrar.

Transfer Ready - The domain has been unlocked, has the Authcode entered and is ready to transfer.

Transfer Scheduled - The transfer is scheduled for transfer 14 days before the expiry.

Transferring (Unconfirmed) - The domain transfer has not been confirmed and must be for the transfer to start.

Unlock Required - Domain is still locked and must be unlocked for the transfer to succeed.

Domain Statuses

Client Lock - The domain is currently locked by the owner.

Not Registered - The domain is not registered.

OK - The domain is unlocked and transfer ready.

Server Lock - The domain is locked at the registry or registrar level.