Monetization Quick-Start Guide

Step 1: Add Your Domains to Monetization/Portfolio Manager
  • Login to your Monetization account.
  • In the main menu, click Add Domains.
    Note: You will be taken to the Add domains page within Portfolio Manager.
  • Copy and paste domains (one per line) into the data entry box on Add Domains page.
  • Or upload a CSV or TXT file.
  • Select the folder into which you want to add domains.
  • If desired, create new folder by clicking the New Folder link.
  • Click Add Domains button to save.
  • Repeat until all domains are added into desired folders.
  • Click Generate Custom Above DNS to have a unique DNS created to identify your
    domains and resolve domain conflicts automatically.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not change your DNS as yet.

Step 2: Enter Login Details for Your Existing Parking Accounts
  • While still in Portfolio Manager, click Monetization then Parking Accounts.
  • Then click the Add Existing Parking Accounts button.
  • On next page, first select parking service where you have an existing account.
  • Then enter Username, Password and other Account Details as prompted.
  • Click Add Account button to save.
  • Repeat until login details for all your existing parking accounts are entered.
    Note: If you are using any parking services that we currently do not support, let us know.

Step 3: Add All Your Domains Into Each Parking Service Account
  • Login to each parking service and add your entire portfolio of domains into each account.
  • This will help your parking services to properly track and pay you for any and all traffic redirected to them by our Monetization system.

Step 4: Switch to's Name Servers
  • First contact us via online chat or by email at
    • We want to make sure that your account is properly set-up to produce maximum results.
  • Then login to your registrar accounts and change the DNS on all your domains to your custom DNS created in step 1 which is displayed in the Additional Steps section on the Add Domains page.

Important: If you create an Above Custom DNS from the Add Domains page and apply it to your domains, it will allow us to resolve any domain conflicts you might have automatically within six hours. If you choose to use the default DNS and then you may be required to provide proof of ownership to resolve the domain ownership conflicts.

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