Monetization AutoPilot Quick-Start Guide

Step 1: Add Your Domains to AutoPilot/Portfolio Manager
  • Login to your AutoPilot account.
  • In the top main menu, click Add/Manage Domains.
    Note: You will be taken to the Add/Manage - Add domains tab within Portfolio Manager.
  • Select the folder into which you want to add domains.
  • If desired, create new folder by clicking the Manage Folders sub tab.
  • Copy and paste domains (one per line) into the data entry box on Add Domains page.
  • Or upload a CSV or TXT file.
  • Click Add Domains button to save.
  • Repeat until all domains are added into desired folders.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not change your DNS as yet.

Step 2: Enter Login Details for Your Existing Parking Accounts
  • While still in Portfolio Manager, in top main menu click Manage Accounts.
    Note: You will be taken to the Parking Accounts page within Monetization AutoPilot.
  • Then click the Add Existing Parking Accounts button.
  • On next page, first select parking service where you have an existing account.
  • Then enter Username, Password and other Account Details as prompted.
  • Click Add Account button to save.
  • Repeat until login details for all your existing parking accounts are entered.
    Note: If you are using any parking services that we currently do not support, let us know.

Step 3: Add All Your Domains Into Each Parking Service Account
  • Login to each parking service and add your entire portfolio of domains into each account.
  • This will help your parking services to properly track and pay you for any and all traffic redirected to them by our AutoPilot system.

Step 4: Switch to's Name Servers
  • First contact us via online chat or by email at
    • We want to make sure that your account is properly set-up to produce maximum results.
  • Then login to your registrar accounts and change the DNS on all your domains to:
    • Primary: NS1.ABOVE.COM
    • Secondary: NS2.ABOVE.COM

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