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API Queries

To access the Above.com registrar API, you will first need to obtain an API key by contacting support.

All Above.com Registrar API queries need to include your API key and the query parameter which will specify the function. Make sure all values are correctly URL encoded by your chosen programming language. All queries using a secure connection start with https://www.above.com/registrar/api/query.html. Unsecure connections are not supported by our API, as queries could be easily intercepted by a third-party.

Examples in this manual will show APIKEY where you will need to insert your Above.com Registrar API key. All function names are passed via the query parameter.
Note: Examples in this manual use GET queries, but our API accepts variables passed via HTTP GET or POST.


All API responses are in XML format and thus can be interpreted by almost all modern programming languages and web browsers. If a parameter is missing or you fail to provide a valid API key, an error message will be returned. For a full list of possible errors and their solutions, see the Error Codes manual page.

Successful Responses

A code 100 in the response means the query was successful. For example, the response data will begin like this:

<results code="100">

Functions available via the API: