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API Queries - Reportlist

The reportlist function retrieves a list of all generated reports and their statuses. To retrieve any report from the list, you can use the Fetch API function. Additional parameters are optional for this function.

Additional Parameters

  • start - Report record to start from. Default is 0 (Optional)
  • num - How many report records to show. Default is 100 (Optional)

Note: Make sure to URL encode all values.

Example query and response:

Example query:


			<result generated="2010-09-07 03:52:43" group_by="domain" reportid="12348" status="Generating" />
			<result from_date="2010-09-07" generated="2010-09-06 18:25:12" group_by="domain" reportid="12347" 
					status="Completed" to_date="2010-09-07" /> 
			<result from_date="2009-03-01" generated="2010-09-05 18:23:23" group_by="domain" reportid="12346" 
					status="Completed" to_date="2009-03-31" />  
			<result from_date="2010-08-01" generated="2010-09-04 23:24:04" group_by="domain" reportid="12345" 
					services="SEDO" status="Completed" to_date="2010-08-02" /> 

Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.