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API Queries - Register Domain

The register API function registers a new domain. It is recommended you use the Check Pricing function to check the domain cost and the Check Balance function to ensure your account balance is adequate before registering a new domain. The funds will be deducted from your account balance or an error will be returned if you do not have sufficient funds. Additional parameters are required for this function.

Additional Parameters
  • domain - Complete domain name to register including the extention. Note: http://www. should not be included.

Your API key is required and all values should be correctly URL encoded.

Example 1

In the below example, we will register the domain "shoes.com" (domain=shoes.com). There are various errors that could be returned and need to be handled by your custom application such as insufficient funds, domain already exists or invalid domain.



<results code="100">
     <domains total="1" offset="0" limit="100" sort_by="domain" order="ASC">
      <r domain="shoes.com">
       <created>2014-05-06 03:47:40</created>
       <expiry>2018-05-06 03:47:40</expiry>

Note: Upon successful registration of a domain, our API returns code 100 to indicate success and the current domain details, similar to using the Manage Domains function.

Example 2 - Unsupported domain extension

In this example we will attempt to register a .com.au domain which is not supported by Above.com Registrar. We will use domain "clothes.com.au" (domain=clothes.com.au).



<results code="605">
     <msg>TLD not supported by Above.com</msg>

Error Codes

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.