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BIN Pricing Tool

The Domain BIN Pricing Tool is for domains that have parking and traffic stats imported via the Above Monetization AutoPilot.

To calculate BIN prices for your domains using the Traffic Method, please:

  1. Select the Folder of domains or enter them individually one per line.
  2. Select the Traffic Method option.
  3. Enter the value of each unique visitor and the number of months by which it will be multiplied.
  4. Click the Submit button.

The BIN price will then be calculated and displayed in the Traffic Method column for the selected domains.

The values can be edited in the My Price column.

To send the selected domains to auction, please place a check mark beside the List domains for sale/auction with My Price values option and click the Submit button.

To save the selected domains calculated BIN values, please select Save as BIN Pricing and click Submit. The values will then be stored in the BIN field for each domain.

Note: If neither of these options are selected, the My Price values will be lost.