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Request Payout

The Request Payout feature can be used to be paid out a portion or all of your Above.com account or Maximizer account balance or both.

To request a payout, please:

  1. Log into your Above.com account and click on the My Account link.
  2. Click on the Request Payout link under the Payout Details section.
  3. Select the method to be paid out.
    Note: If you have not set the details for the account to be paid out to, please click on the relevant link to add the details.
  4. Enter the amount to be paid out.
  5. Click the Request Payout button.

Note: Account balance payouts will be completed at the end of the month.

Bank Checks and Bank Transfer payment options are only available for account balances of $1,000 and greater. Please contact us to have one of these options enabled.

Important: If you request to be paid out more than the amount in your Main Account Balance, the entire Maximizer Balance Available for Payout will be transferred to your Main Account Balance and the amount you requested will then be paid out from your Main Account Balance.