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Blacklist Manager

Not all services will accept traffic from all domains. To ensure that the Auto Optimizer does not send traffic to services where the traffic cannot be monetized, you can maintain a blacklist for each service.

Effective blacklist management ensures that no traffic is wasted on services where it cannot be monetized.

Blacklist Manager
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To view more information on what the columns mean, please view the Column Descriptions manual page.

Add Domain(s) to a Blacklist

To blacklist a domain from an active parking service please:

  1. Select the active parking service from which you wish to blacklist the domain.
  2. Enter the domain(s) one per line.
  3. Click on the Add button.

The domains will be shown with a cross under the blacklisted parking service.

Note: Domains can be blacklisted from multiple parking services.

IMPORTANT!!! If a you blacklist a domain for a parking service(s) and you have a folder with Custom Settings for the same parking service(s), one of the following action will occur:

  • If you have set multiple parking services for the folder and some of them are not available due to being blacklisted for the domain being served, we serve to the remaining services.


    • SEDO: 20%
    • DomainSponsor: 30%
    • ParkingCrew: 50%

    If you were to blacklist ParkingCrew for a domain in the folder, the percentage for the remaining services would be changed in proportion.


    • SEDO: 40%
    • DomainSponsor: 60%

  • If there are no available services after removing blacklisted services, one of the following actions will occur:
    • If you have blacklisted this domain at all active services, a blank page will be served. This is because the blacklisting may be for legal reasons.
    • If the traffic was unable to be served due to all configured parking services for that folder being blacklisted, an active parking service from your account is selected.
    • If there are no active parking services available in your account, we serve to our Above.com account.

    There is no policy for returning Above.com account revenues to the domain owner and occurrences are handled on a case by case basis.

    Remove Domain(s) from Blacklist

    To remove a domain from a blacklist please:

    1. Select the active parking service you wish to remove the blacklisted domain(s) from.
    2. Enter the domain(s) one per line.
    3. Click on the Remove button.

    If there are no other services that domain was blacklisted from, it will be removed from the list.