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My Auctions

The My Auctions page shows information such as the number of Views, current Highest Bidder, pricing and Status of auctioned domains all in the one location for your convenience.

My Auctions - All
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Select from the modes All, Current, Completed or Ended to view only the domain auctions that fall into that category.

To view more information on what the columns mean, please view the Column Descriptions manual page.

The Status column will display any actions that you need to do to or reason the escrow process has been halted for the sale of your domain. Click on the action required text to complete/rectify it.

Upgrading to a Featured Auction

For an auction that is not featured and you wish to upgrade to make it more prominent, please:

  1. Click on the Upgrade button in the Featured column. You will then be shown the cost to upgrade to Featured Auction and the end date of the auction.
  2. Click Submit once you have reviewed this information.
  3. Your will then be charged the fee and the auction will be upgrade to a Feature Auction.

Domain Sale Statuses

Awaiting Whois Lookup
The domain you have added is not at the Above.com Registrar and a WHOIS must be completed. If the domain is not found, the listing will be removed from the Domain Marketplace and you will be refunded any fees charged for its listing.

Enter Authcode
The listed domain is not at the Above.com Registrar and the Authcode is required for the sale / escrow process. Domains are only transferred when the sale completes.

View Buyer's Message
View messages from the buyer for TLDs/ccTLDs that are not supported by the Above.com Registrar.

View Sent Messages
View messages you have sent to the buyer for TLDs/ccTLDs that are not supported by the Above.com Registrar.

Send Transfer Details
For TLDs/ccTLDs that are not supported by the Above.com Registrar, contact with the buyer is required to organize the transfer of the domain once the auction ends.

Awaiting payment
The escrow process is waiting on the payment from the buyer for the sale of the domain.

Review Pending The domain is currently being reviewed for possibly being Adult/Trademark in nature.