Radix Registry Chooses Above Marketplace for Auction of Select Reserve Domains


radix-registry-logo-280The Above Marketplace has been chosen by RADIX REGISTRY to exclusively auction a premium selection of their “held-in-reserve” domain names using the TLD extensions .WEBSITE, .PRESS, and .HOST. This 30-day auction begins on January 12, 2015. These domains are the crème de la crème within these TLDs.  Follow this auction online starting January 12, 2015 at http://www.above.com/marketplace/auctions.html

Please direct any questions to sales@above.com.

Portfolio sales now available in the Marketplace

Above.com is proud to be the first in our industry to support domain portfolio sales through our online marketplace. For experienced domain name investors, this is a huge leap forward, as portfolios may include thousands of domains for a single price. Historically, portfolios were listed in the marketplace in a way that was buyer-unfriendly. The only means by which a portfolio could be included in an online marketplace was by listing a single domain, and including the other individual domains in a comment box. This often hindered research, leaving potential buyers in the dark. Many potential buyers have said that they only become aware of the details upon opening the listing. This left simply too many opportunities for missed sales!

Now, buyers’ queries are answered more quickly with the Above.com Marketplace because each domain in a portfolio is individually indexed. That means that all of the domains included in any individual portfolio may be searched by potential buyers. Adding to ease of use, each search result returned that is part of a portfolio is clearly labeled as such. The entire portfolio is clickable for exploration of each of the other domains included.
In the instance that the portfolio had been previously parked, domain stats for the entire portfolio are shown, and are further broken down into individual domains for additional analysis.

When should domains be sold as a portfolio? Consider doing so when the grouping factor itself increases the value of the domains being sold. For example:

• .COM, .NET, and .ORG bundles
• Traffic portfolios
• Group of related domain names beginning or ending with a common phrase
• Group of domain names with common theme, as in legal, finance, technology

For more information and to explore our new domain portfolio support, visit the Above.com Marketplace or contact our helpful support team at contact@above.com.

Get authorized with AboveMaximizer

One of the stand-out features of our Parking Manager is the AboveMaximizer, which is a premium direct to advertiser component of our AboveOptimizer. We have developed close relationships with our advertisers to focus on making sure you earn higher payouts compared to only parking your domain names. The Above proprietary algorithm positions premium direct search advertisers to compete with your parking services, allowing you to earn the highest revenue payouts. To start maximizing your revenues with the AboveMaximizer, contact us at sales@above.com. If you will be at NamesCon, come by our booth and we will get the AboveMaximizer authorized and set up for you on the spot!

Above.com sponsors Women in Domaining social event at NamesCon

Women in DomainingAbove.com is excited to be a sponsor and partner in this year’s Women in Domaining Cocktail Social! Join the women of Above.com for the 8th annual social while you enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and great conversation with industry experts. The event takes place Monday, January 12th from 7-9pm in the Whoisology Room across from the exhibit hall at the Tropicana. We have heard that two very generous private donors have pledged to each match Water School donations, dollar for dollar! We look forward to seeing you there!

Join us at NamesCon 2015


220141014_141007014 was a great year for domain investors, and Above.com is ready to make 2015 even better!


This year, we are hitting the ground running.


This year, join Above.com for the most informative and largest domain industry event, NamesCon 2015! We have just heard that the organizers are expecting around 800 attendees, which makes this an event that you will not want to miss! Meet Nancy Bianchi, Liz Corona, and Victor Pitts at our booth, and find out how you can maximize your revenues. We are proud of the relationships we create and cultivate, so stop by and chat, pick up your free gift, and set up an appointment to privately discuss your portfolio and how Above.com can maximize your investments.


We can’t wait to see you there!


Above Registrar expands TLD offerings to now include .CLUB

.CLUB logo“CLUB” is not like any other “generic” string – it brings immediately recognizable meaning and marketing value to any name to the left of the dot. .CLUB is the ultimate social domain name to bring people together around common interests and passions – and own the perfect domain for their community.

Priced at only $12.95, this TLD fits with our general aggressive pricing strategy of domains and the .CLUB TLD is also fully supported in Above Marketplace and Above Parking Manager.

Name Collision Release for .HOST, .WEBSITE, & .PRESS – Register at Above.com

Some domain strings across .host, .website, and .press, which were unavailable to register previously, will be made available as they will now be removed from ICANN’s Name Collision Block List.

The released list contains many great generic keywords that could establish an immediate brand identity as well as possess future value in the after-market.

This ICANN restriction will be lifted on 26th November at 14:00 UTC, and names from this list will become available for General Registration. These domains will be available for registration through Above.com at that time.

With over 130,000 names on this list, we’re really glad that they are finally being made available for registration. Keep in mind that these names will be offered on first come, first served basis, so mark your calendars and get it before it’s gone! Do note that some names from the Name Collision List will be priced at a premium, and some may be reserved by the Registry.  These specific domains will be clearly identified to you before you proceed with your registration.

Here is a snapshot of the types of names that will become available:





Find Hidden Revenue in Your Expiring Domains

When you let one of your domains expire, there’s little or no benefit for you. Most registrars will attempt to sell your expired domain, and if successful, they will keep 100% of the profit. That seems rather unfair, doesn’t it? Even though you let the domain expire, shouldn’t your relationship with your registrar be symbiotic?

At Above.com, we wholeheartedly agree. In fact, we have created an innovative opt-in program for our clients which allows for profit sharing from your expired domains. The Above.com Expiring Domain Sales Program is an opt-in program offered to clients with more than ten domain names registered with us. Those that participate in the program retain 60% of the profits from the sale of any domains that they let expire at Above. To make the program even better, each expiring domain is auctioned in the Above Marketplace with a minimum sale price of $49.99.

Who wouldn’t like another potential source of revenue, especially one that is relatively effortless?

We are very proud of the Above.com Expiring Domain Sales Program and would love to tell you more. We understand that changing registrars can be a painful process, but we know that we can make it a worthwhile one. Our Above.com registrar is ICANN accredited and we offer competitive pricing. What do you have to lose (aside from expiring sales revenue to your current registrar)?  Contact our support team to help get your domains transferred into your Above registrar account today!

The Evolution of Above Parking Manager

Our Parking Manager platform has evolved and has undergone some exciting enhancements!

Above Parking Manager makes domain management and monetization simple. Based on our proven proprietary algorithm, our AboveOptimizer routinely identifies the best performing service for each and every domain in your portfolio to optimize your parking revenues.  Organize your domains how you like in just a few clicks.

The AboveMaximizer adds an additional revenue opportunity to monetize your domain traffic by enabling premium direct advertisers to compete with parking companies for your traffic.  This option allows you to diversify your revenue streams and really maximizes your domain’s earning potential. In order to take advantage of our AboveMaximizer direct to advertiser feature, please make sure to contact your Account Manager, Liz Corona to authorize your account.

The Above Parking Manager provides you with powerful but easy control of where your domain traffic is routed, whether the domain is parked or not. Not only can you assign where the traffic is to be sent, but also what percentage of it is to be routed there.  If you have domains for sale  our Parking Manager has an option that allows you to forward  the domain’s traffic directly to a professional “For Sale” or “Make Offer” page.   Parking Manager is a powerful domain management service for any type of domain portfolio.

What are the best things about our Parking Manager? You have complete control and visibility of your domains and their performance from one place, there are no hidden costs, your direct relationship with each parking company remains intact, and you keep 100% of your parking revenues. Simply said, this service is a must-have for domain portfolio holders of all sizes.

For more information and to explore our AboveOptimizer and AboveMaximizer products, visit us at Above.com or contact us at sales@above.com.