$9.95 .ME Promotion – October to December 2015

For a limited time, between now and December 31st, you can register a new .ME domain for only $9.95 for the first year.

The regular price of $19.95 will be paid at checkout for new .ME registrations. For each eligible .ME domain registration, a rebate of $10.00 will be credited to your Above.com account within 14 days after the month in which the domain was registered.

Transfers, renewals and additional registration terms are not eligible. Renewals of eligible new registrations will be at the then current regular list price.

Register a new .ME domain now!

Visit Our Booth at The Domain Conference

The Domain Conference

The Domain Conference
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sept 28-29, 2015

Above.com is happy to be supporting the domain community by sponsoring another domain industry event.

If you plan to attend this conference, be sure to stop by our booth and ask us how our AutoPilot Monetization Channel Optimizer technology can greatly simplify your life while maximizing your revenues.

And don’t forget to ask us about our other time-saving, free bulk tools, such as the StatsPowered Renewal ROI Tool in our Registrar and the StatsPowered Buy Now Pricing Tool in our Marketplace.

.INFO Registrations for only $0.50!

Hello Everyone!

We have a $0.50 .INFO registration promotion running right now. Between now and December 31st, 2015, each .INFO domain will cost you only $0.50 for the first year. No joke! Now is the best opportunity to save on those .INFOs that you have been wanting to register.


  • Limit 10 registrations per day.
  • Pay $10.95 upfront.
  • Get $10.45 in rebate credited to your account at the end of the month.
  • Not valid for renewals or transfers.
  • Expires: December 31, 2015.

For full details of the .INFO promotion, please visit: http://domains.above.com/info-promo-terms.html

What is Normalized nRPM?

After you point to our DNS, you will start to see data in the “Normalized” nRPM column in your dashboard.

What does “Normalized” mean? A “Normalized” nRPM uses the actual number of uniques hitting our DNS instead of the “Reported” number of uniques from the parking companies.

Since each parking company uses different guidelines for counting uniques, it would be apples and oranges if you tried to compare one parking service’s RPM to another’s RPM.

We help you compare apples to apples so that you can get a true measure of performance differences between parking companies.

Case Study: 25% Increase in Maximizer Revenue

In addition to making parking companies compete in real-time for your traffic, AutoPilot also enables premium advertisers to bid for the same traffic.

This is called our Maximizer feature. It maximizes the competition for your traffic and therefore maximizes your revenue.

A recent case study illustrates how AutoPilot and its Maximizer feature can improve your revenue.

  • An elite domainer recently moved 3,000 domains from “Parking Company A” to Above.com’s DNS.
  • Prior to changing the DNS, our team of experts manually assigned categories and keywords to qualifying domains in his portfolio.
  • Thanks to AutoPilot and its Maximizer feature, total revenue in first 30 days increased by an impressive 25%!

What revenue increase can your domain portfolio get when placed on AutoPilot with Maximizer?

If you have domains with traffic in popular categories, contact us to discuss.

Above Parking Manager Renamed to AutoPilot

Why the name change? Despite what many domainers think, Above.com is NOT a parking company. We actually help domainers like you operate at a level above parking companies by making them compete in real-time for your traffic.

Naming our core service “Parking Manager” may have contributed to the misconception that we are a parking service. So it was time for a change.

AutoPilot is the perfect new name because after the simple set-up process, domainers can sit back and let the AutoPilot technology do all the work that they used to do in hunting for the best possible RPMs.

By pointing to Above’s DNS, busy domainers get the following benefits:

  • No more switching back and forth between parking companies trying to find better RPMs.
  • No more endless analysis of stats trying to figure out if changing parking companies has helped.
  • On a domain by domain basis in real-time, the monetization channel offering the highest payout is awarded traffic by our AutoPilot technology.
  • If one parking service tweaks their technology or rev share, AutoPilot will spot it and adjust traffic in or out as needed in real-time.
  • Historical and daily stats are pulled from all your parking services and consolidated on a convenient AutoPilot dashboard for your review and analysis.
  • And best of all, these benefits are free.

Not ready to change over to Above’s DNS? You can still create a free account in order to take advantage of AutoPilot’s StatsConsolidator.

Simplify Life. Maximize Payouts. Get on AutoPilot.

It’s the last time you will ever need to change DNS.

Above.com Launches Brand Repositioning Initiative

We are proud to announce the hiring of Aaron Kvitek as SVP Strategic Marketing to spearhead the brand repositioning of Above.com.

Below is the official press release:



Date:             18-Aug-2015
Contact:       Aaron Kvitek
Phone:         1-310-736-4197
Email:            akvitek@trellian.com

Above.com launches brand repositioning initiative

Domain industry veteran hired to spearhead efforts

Above.com, which provides domain investors with free tools designed to minimize the daily challenges associated with the monetization, registration and selling of their domains, announced today the launch of a brand repositioning initiative.  When rolled out over the coming months, domain investors with accounts at Above.com will have access to a variety of enhanced product features and benefits that will reinforce Above.com’s brand positioning as a technology innovator.

David Warmuz“Despite what many domainers think, Above.com is not a parking service”, said David Warmuz, Co-Founder & President of Trellian, the parent company of Above.com.  “We actually operate at a level above parking services by making them compete against each other for domain traffic.  In fact, we go a big step further by enabling direct advertisers to compete for the same traffic. By maximizing the competition for traffic, our technology ensures the best possible monetization. Many domainers don’t know this, and many also don’t know that Above.com has an integrated registrar and buy/sell marketplace.  This lack of awareness is why we are launching our brand repositioning initiative.  We want to help everyone fully understand and experience the revenue improvement advantages that we offer, not to mention the time and cost saving advantages.”

To underscore how committed Trellian is to this initiative, domain industry veteran AaronAaron Kvitek Kvitek has been hired as SVP Strategic Marketing.  Aaron served as VP Marketing & Communications at Oversee.net from 2007 to 2013.  Besides holding corporate level responsibilities as a member of Oversee’s senior executive team, Aaron was also in charge of marketing and communications for DomainSponsor, Moniker and SnapNames.  In addition, he organized and ran ten global and regional DOMAINfest conferences from 2008 to 2013 in the U.S. and Europe, helping to build that franchise’s reputation for providing the domain industry with high quality learning and networking opportunities.

Domain investors do not have to wait for the rollout of this initiative to take advantage of Above.com’s ability to make parking services and premium advertisers compete for their traffic.  This technology has been in place since 2009 and has been consistently upgraded with new features.

For domain investors who are not ready to point their domains to Above.com’s name servers, creating a free account at Above.com will allow them to consolidate, view and download historical and daily stats from all their parking company accounts.

To learn more about these and other features, visit http://above.com or email sales@above.com.

About Above.com

Launched in 2009 by domain industry pioneer David Warmuz and his late brother Ren Warmuz, Above.com provides domain investors with powerful, free tools designed to minimize the daily challenges associated with the monetization, registration and selling of their domains.

With regards to monetization, Above.com operates at a level above parking companies by making them compete in real-time for each and every domain visitor.  To increase the competition even further, Above.com’s Maximizer technology enables premium direct advertisers to bid against parking services for the same traffic.  By awarding the traffic from each domain to the highest paying monetization channel, Above.com’s technology helps domain investors get the best possible monetization without the need to constantly analyze stats and frequently change monetization services.

Above.com also provides domain investors with free tools that minimize the time and cost associated with registering, renewing and selling domains.  For example, its registrar offers bulk pricing deals plus a wide variety of bulk registration management tools, including a renewal tool that pulls stats from the monetization platform to facilitate ROI-based renewal decisions.  The Above.com Marketplace offers industry-low commissions, free escrow, and FastTrack transfers.   It also offers a bulk domain pricing tool that uses stats from the monetization platform to quickly and easily calculate Buy Now prices.

To learn more about Above.com’s free domain portfolio management tools, visit http://above.com or email sales@above.com.


Powerful Domain Portfolio Management Tool Included in Above Registrar

above.com registrarEven seasoned domain investors can have difficulty keeping track of all of their domain names. In fact, a recent DomainState survey shows that 92% of 263 respondents felt that this was one of the most difficult tasks for them to manage.

DomainState Survey Results

Above.com can help you keep track of and organize domain names, reducing the complexity of managing your domain portfolio, and helping you to make better business decisions.  This is made possible via the Above.com Registrar, which includes a powerful inventory tracking tool, accessible from your MyDomains page. From there, your domain’s key data is easily viewed or updated online, and you can export the data for offline safekeeping.

This Above Registrar feature allows you to record the purchase price and appraised value of your domains. You can assign a category to your domains using a drop down list of popular industry categories. You can also assign up to five keywords that may be useful for Pay Per Click service to be used as flags that will remind you of possible issues, complaints, or goals for the domain. While some of these data elements are provided by you using the MyDomains interface, the performance data of your parked domains is gathered dynamically with the most recent twelve months of traffic and parking performance history stored for viewing or to be exported.

For more information about using the Above.com’s MyDomains feature for organizing your inventory, please contact us..

Broker Assisted Sales in Above Marketplace

above.com marketplaceSellers using the Above Marketplace can now identify their domain broker when they list their domains for sale. When your domain is sold through the Marketplace, we handle the escrow and pay the seller and broker from the net proceeds.

We understand that some domains require outreach to prospective buyers in order to alert them that the domain is for sale.  Frequently that outreach requires savvy negotiation or knowledge of the buyer’s business to make selling points both relevant and motivating.  Often times, the buyer may need education regarding how a specific domain may benefit them.  Sometimes you will need a domain broker to fill these roles and more.

Above.com wants to help you reward your broker for a job well done by paying them a commission for the domains they sell using the Above Marketplace. We also want to keep things secure and simple for you by handling the domain sale transfers, collection of funds from buyers, payments of commissions to brokers, and payments of net sale proceeds to you.

For more information about Above.com’s Broker Assisted Sales, please contact us at sales@above.com.

Maximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager

above parking managerMaximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager!

The point of being a domain investor is making money, and our Maximizer feature was designed to help you do just that.

The Maximizer is our exclusive monetization program that offers your domain traffic to premium direct advertisers through the Trellian Direct Search Network. The Maximizer diversifies your strategy and increases your revenues by optimizing and finding the best performing options for your parked domains.

Currently, quality traffic is in high demand, and we want this increase in demand to benefit you.

Have you noticed an increase in your revenues? Several of our clients are already reporting substantial increases in revenues since the March 5th implementation.  To find out how much more revenue you are generating from the Maximizer, login to your account, run a report in “statistics” using March 5 as your start date, and select the Maximizer as your service.

If you are new to the Maximizer, getting your account set up is a three-step process:

  • DNS settings for each domain must be set to the Above DNS servers.
  • Your account must be authorized by an account manager in order to earn Maximizer revenues.
  • Domains need to be cataloged to a keyword in our system. Once you contact your account manager, they will coordinate cataloging.

If you see the “Activation Pending” notice, contact support in order for your account to be authorized to use the Maximizer.

For more information, contact us.