Above.com adds .WEBSITE, .HOST, and .PRESS to its list of supported Top Level Domains

Above.com to add three new Top Level Domain to the Above.com Domain Investor Platform on September 18, 2014, marking the start of the General Availability phase for these domains. Clients will be able to register .WEBSITE, .HOST, and .PRESS domains on the Above platform. These TLDs will also be fully supported in the Above.com Parking Manager and in the Above Marketplace, providing new gTLD domain owners the opportunity to monetize their new domains, or to test the domains market value in the Above Marketplace.

Above.com is committed to provide our clients with domain inventory from trusted registry partners, and our clients can expect options to grow as we move through our new TLD vetting process. Above is also committed to bring new TLDs to market at low prices, to provide clients the opportunity to realize profit from each domain investment faster.

.dotWebsiteWEBSITE is the perfect choice for anyone to get online with a brandable & memorable domain name that is synonymous with the internet and is recognized globally. Above will introduce this domain with a special price of $14.99 for the first year of registration, when registered between September 17, 2014 and November 17, 2014.

Host_Colour-01.HOST aims to become the preferred domain extension for web hosts, ASPs, ISVs, cloud service providers, data centers and other entities within the web hosting industry. Above will introduce this domain with a special price of $49.99 for the first year of registration, when registered between September 17, 2014 and October 17, 2014.

Final-Press_Logo.PRESS gives journalists, bloggers, media professionals, news corporations and publishers the perfect way to establish their credibility and grow their online reach and relevance! Above will introduce this domain a price of $65.00 for the each year of registration.

Registrations starting at 16:00 UTC on September 18, 2014.

NEW Above Registrar API

The just released Above.com Registrar API can be integrated into custom applications or used as an alternative interface for developers and power users.

Functions available via the API:

  • Register
  • Check Pricing
  • Renew
  • Push
  • Transfer
  • Restore
  • Update DNS
  • Privacy
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Request EPP Code
  • Check Balance
  • Add Funds

For a full overview of this API’s functionality visit the API Manual.

To request your API key complete the API Request Form.

VAPE & DATING Domain Post Auction Status

Online bidding for both the VAPE & DATING Domain Auctions ended on June 5, but private offers for unsold domains are being considered.  The inventory for both auctions are posted in the Above.com blog.  If you have interest in a particular domain, please contact Above.com directly.

Results for the auction will be posted following the closeout period, if both sellers and buyers give permission. Financing options may be available on some of the higher valued domain assets.

Dating & Social Networks Domain Auction Inventory including Reserve Range

The following inventory is available in the 2014 Dating & Social Networks Domain Auction at http://www.above.com/marketplace/idate.htmlBidding is LIVE until June 5, 2014 at 4pm PDT. Most of this inventory is individual domains for sale, but there are a few bundled lots to consider.  These bundles are identified below, but online you can only find the primary domain listed with the balance of the domains identified in the comments section.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Individual Domains

Domains Reserve
 123ChristianSingles.com Under $1k
Beginnings.com $10k-$100k
BestDatingGames.com Under $1k
BestFriendHunter.com Under $1k
BoomersMeet.com $10k-$100k
BuddyDating.com Under $1k
ButterflyDating.com Under $1k
CharmingDates.com Under $1k
ChiTownSingles.com Under $1k
ChristiansDateForFree.com Under $1k
Consensual.net $1k-$10k
ConservativeMatchmaker.com Under $1k
CouplesGolfing.com Under $1k
Cupids.com $10k-$100k
DateMaker.com $1k-$10k
DatePlanet.com $1k-$10k
DatingWinner.com Under $1k
DatingWorld.com $1k-$10k
Deutschland.singles Under $1k
DreamFriendz.com $1k-$10k
eDates.eu $1k-$10k
Extramarital.net $1k-$10k
FindSeniors.com $1k-$10k
GenXMeet.com $10k-$100k
GenXYZMeet.com $1k-$10k
GenYMeet.com $1k-$10k
GenZMeet.com $1k-$10k
GolfSocialNetwork.com Under $1k
HotDating.net Under $1k
HundredDates.com Under $1k
IceBreakerDating.com Under $1k
iFriendsCorner.com Under $1k
iSingles.com $10k-$100k
JewishSinglesCruises.com $1k-$10k
JPConnect.com $1k-$10k
LatinosSingles.com Under $1k
LetsDateNow.com $1k-$10k
LoveMatches.org Under $1k
MagnetDating.com Under $1k
MatureCompanion.com Under $1k
MatureSingleWomen.com $1k-$10k
MeetAdultSingles.com $1k-$10k
MeetColombians.com $1k-$10k
MeetIsraelis.com $1k-$10k
MeetSingleBlacks.com Under $1k
MetroSingles.com $1k-$10k
MyInternetDating.com Under $1k
MyWeightLossFriend.com Under $1k
Passionate.com $10k-$100k
RealFlings.com $1k-$10k
RetiredSingles.com $1k-$10k
SeniorDaters.com Under $1k
SeniorSingleMeet.com Under $1k
SeniorsRomance.com Under $1k
SiliconValleyPersonals.com $1k-$10k
SingleMoms.co Under $1k
SinglesInteractive.com $1k-$10k
SocialRave.com $1k-$10k
TechPersonals.com $1k-$10k
TieTheKnot.com $10k-$100k
TieTheKnots.com $1k-$10k
UnlimitedMatch.com Under $1k
VeteransMeet.com $10k-$100k
WidowFriends.com Under $1k
YourFriendHunter.com Under $1k


Domains in Bundles (more than one domain included at no additional cost with purchase)

Domains – Bundles Reserve
LASingleMen.com $1k-$10k
NYCSingleMen.com $1k-$10k
SingleMen.org $10k-$100k
GoldenRomance.com Over $100k


  1. To view the auction go to http://www.above.com/marketplace/idate.html
  2. To BID you must login to your account at Above.com
  3. If you do not have an account at Above.com, please create one

Bidding will end on June 5, 2014 at 4pm PDT

Inventory for VAPE AFFILIATE Auction

Below are the complete list of domains and the minimum reserve price range for the VAPE & eCig Affiliate Auction.  Bidding is OPEN at http://www.above.com/marketplace/vape.html

Domain   Range
AmericanVapors.com   $10k-$100k
BeneVape.com Under $1k
BestVape.com $1k-$10k
CanadianVapors.com $10k-$100k
ClickVapor.com Under $1k
DirectVapor.com $1k-$10k
DiyVapes.com $1k-$10k
eCigaretteDeals.com Under $1k
e-Cigarettes.info Under $1k
eCigarettesForum.com Under $1k
e-Smoking.com $1k-$10k
eVaporizer.com $1k-$10k
HeavenlyVapor.com $1k-$10k
HerbVapes.com $1k-$10k
HerbVaporizers.com $1k-$10k
HitVape.com $1k-$10k
MegaVape.com $1k-$10k
ModMonster.com $1k-$10k
NewVape.com Under $1k
PlatinumVapes.com $1k-$10k
ProToke.com $1k-$10k
PuffPro.com $1k-$10k
PuffV.com $1k-$10k
RxVapor.com $1k-$10k
SoloVape.com Under $1k
SuperVapes.com $1k-$10k
TastyVape.com $1k-$10k
TheCigaretteClub.com Under $1k
TheVapingStore.com $1k-$10k
VapeBlends.com $1k-$10k
VapeBoutique.com $1k-$10k
VapeChargers.com $1k-$10k
VapeCheap.com $1k-$10k
VapeCig.com $1k-$10k
VapeConsultants.com Under $1k
VapeForce.com $1k-$10k
VapeLine.com $1k-$10k
VapeMart.com $1k-$10k
Vapephoria.com $1k-$10k
VaperLounge.com $1k-$10k
VaperShop.com $1k-$10k
VapeSlim.com Under $1k
VapeSmoking.com $1k-$10k
   +      VapSmoking.com
VapeTrader.com $1k-$10k
VapingEBook.com Under $1k
VapingHelp.com Under $1k
VapingStore.com $1k-$10k
VaporBlends.com Under $1k
VaporBoutique.com $1k-$10k
VaporConcepts.com Under $1k
VaporCraft.com $1k-$10k
VaporGourmet.com Under $1k
Vaporize.biz $1k-$10k
Vaporize.org $1k-$10k
VaporizerHq.com Under $1k
Vaporizers.com Over $1M
VaporizerZone.com $1k-$10k
VaporNic.com $1k-$10k
Vaporology.com $1k-$10k
VaporSource.com $1k-$10k
VipVapor.com $1k-$10k
VirtualVapes.com Under $1k


  1. To view the auction go to http://www.above.com/marketplace/vape.html
  2. To BID you must login to your account at Above.com
  3. If you do not have an account at Above.com, please create one

Bidding will end on June 5, 2014 at 4pm PDT

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Results

The following domains from the TRAFFIC Las Vegas 2014 auction were sold at the seller’s reserve price or higher. Thank you sellers and buyers.

Adgency.com (.net incl.)

Offers on domains not sold are being accepted for a limited time. If interested in any of the unsold domains, please contact Above.com directly.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction details revealed

The SILENT AUCTION details for the TRAFFIC domain auction are revealed.

There will be a traditional SILENT AUCTION conducted at the Las Vegas TRAFFIC CONFERENCE Welcome Party on the evening of May 28. Each domain in the auction will have a Silent Auction bid sheet for recording buyers bids. Rather than the bidder putting their name on the bid sheets, they will be provided a unique identifier code by the TRAFFIC Team.

At 7:00 PM PDT the Silent Auction will end. Any domains which reached reserve at the Silent Auction will be awarded to the highest bidder. Any domains not making reserve will be moved to an online auction with the starting bid being the highest Silent Auction bid amount. NO RESERVE domains will not be awarded to the highest bidder at the Silent Auction, but will instead move directly to the online auction using the max bid as the starting bid.

On Friday, May 30th at 1:00 PM PDT, the auction will close. Any domain that reached reserve will be sold. Domains not reaching reserve will be presented to show attendees for a special “in room” bidding. If the domain reaches reserve in the room, then it is sold. This includes NO RESERVE domains. If the domain does not reach reserve, then it is sent back to an online auction will the final close on Monday, June 2 at 4:00 PM PDT.

The inventory for the auction was selected by TRAFFIC, and includes a nice range of domains that are bound to resonate with some domain investors at the show and following the show. Please contact Above.com if you have questions on any of the domains in the auction or about the process. Above’s team can easily be found in the TRAFFIC Conference area at the Above.com booth.

Below are a list of domains included in the TRAFFIC Auction.

Adgency.com (.net incl.)
WholesaleRamp.com (.net incl.)
FindNotebooks.com (.net incl.)
Gpsequipment.com-(including website)

Follow the auction online once the Silent Auction phase has completed, using the link: http://www.above.com/marketplace/TRAFFIC.html

Above.com Verified Stats

Above.com now offers domain owners the ability to privately provide potential buyers an access code to have view level access to their domain revenue and traffic stats using the Above Verified Stats service. Entire portfolios can be shown or you can limit viewing to a specific domain. The domain owner controls who gets to see the statistics and how long the access code stays valid.

Above.com imports domain parking stats directly from the Parking Companies making sure sellers have the confidence knowing that the domain statistics provided are Verified by Above.

This is a free service for all Above.com clients. Clients can access the Verified Stats service from their Above Parking Manager control panel or via this link: http://www.above.com/verifiedstats/verified-stats.html. Step by step instructions are available at http://www.above.com/manual-verified-stats.html.

For information on how to use this service, send us a message using our Contact Us page at http://www.above.com/contact.html.

Now Available at Above.com “Domain Sales Landing Page”

Above.com has added a Domain Sales Landing Page that redirects prospective buyer to the Above Marketplace to make an offer or place a bid. This service is perfectly suited for a domain investor who values the following:

  • Does NOT want advertisement on their domain’s landing page
  • Does NOT want to deal with payment collection from buyer
  • Does NOT want to managing escrow
  • Does want to capture all bidding and offers history in one easy to access place
  • Does want to capture all visitor stats to the domain

All domains sold through the Above.com Marketplace are processed through Above.com’s escrow service at no additional fee. Commission rates on all standard Marketplace domain sales are 10%.

If your domain is already listed for sale at Above or is in auction, then your domain will be redirected to a landing page that looks like this: http://www.above.com/marketplace/cab.com

If your domain has not been submitted into the Marketplace, then your buyers will see a landing page that would look like this: http://www.above.com/marketplace/supernatural.com

For information on how to use this service, send us a message using out Contact Us page at http://www.above.com/contact.html.