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Launched in 2009, provides domain investors with powerful, free tools designed to minimize the daily challenges associated with the monetization, registration and selling of their domain names.

Monetization AutoPilot™

AutoPilot helps domain investors operate at a level above parking companies by making them compete in real-time for traffic. No longer do domain investors need to be constantly changing name servers trying to find higher RPMs. If one of the parking companies tweaks their technology or rev share, AutoPilot will spot it and adjust traffic in or out as needed on a domain by domain basis. This powerful technology is offered free of charge to domain investors.

But the competition for traffic is not restricted to just parking companies. AutoPilot’s Maximizer feature enables premium direct advertisers to bid in real time against parking companies for the same traffic.

By analyzing and awarding each and every domain visitor to the highest paying monetization channel,
AutoPilot delivers the best possible RPMs.

AutoPilot also offers domain investors a time-saving free service that pulls and consolidates historical and daily stats from all their parking company accounts into a single, convenient dashboard. This free AutoPilot StatsConsolidator feature is offered to all domain investors, including investors who are not yet ready to point their domains to’s DNS.

The reporting tools in AutoPilot’s dashboard are an excellent way for any domain investor to quickly compare the performance of parking companies and subsequently make more informed traffic monetization decisions.

Domain Registrar’s ICANN accredited registrar provides domain investors with 15 free “bulk” registration management tools designed to minimize the time and cost associated with registering, renewing and transferring domains.

For example, domain investors can save time and cost by making ROI-based renewal decisions directly in their registrar account dashboard. Above’s registrar is uniquely capable of offering this Renewal ROI tool because it has the ability to pull domain revenue statistics straight from AutoPilot.

Discounted bulk pricing and free WHOIS privacy are among the other cost-saving benefits.

Domain Marketplace

The Marketplace offers domain sellers industry-low commissions, free escrow, and FastTrack transfers. It also offers a StatsPowered Pricing Tool that quickly and easily calculates Buy Now prices based on variables set by the domain investor and stats pulled from AutoPilot.

Sellers with domains uploaded into AutoPilot can instantly build trust with a prospective buyer by granting access to 12 months of stats for the domain in question. This free Verified Stats Tool is yet another way that demonstrates its commitment to helping domain investors rise above the daily challenges of managing their portfolio.

About Trellian

Trellian has been an innovative leader in the development of online business software and services since 1997. Over the years, millions of online businesses have benefited from the software tools and services we have provided, such as KeywordDiscovery, SubmitWolf, SEO Toolkit, Addme, ToolbarBrower, PrioritySubmit and many others.

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