Why Use AutoPilot to Find Highest Paying Advertising Channel? (Video)

AutoPilot Account Quickstart VideoAbove.com’s AutoPilot platform revolutionizes the way domain investors monetize their direct navigation traffic. It collects and analyzes data to find the highest paying advertising channel for each domain visitor.

There is no longer a need to constantly test and change nameservers in your hunt for higher domain traffic revenues. Let AutoPilot do all the work!

Only four steps are required to set up your AutoPilot account. Watch the account setup video below to see how easy it is to start earning maximum revenue on each domain in your portfolio!

When using AutoPilot, make sure you enable Maximizer Advertising Channel. Maximizer delivers unmatched revenue increases by allowing exclusive, premium direct advertisers from company-owned Trellian Direct Search Network to bid on your domain traffic.

AutoPilot also collects historical and daily stats from the different monetization channels being used. Domain investors can easily track performance and generate custom reports as all information is available in one dashboard.

If you have questions about getting started with AutoPilot, send us an email or message us on live chat.