Why Is Maximizer Better Than Other Direct Advertiser Channels?

Revenue Going Up

It is no secret that domain traffic monetization has evolved in a big way. Instead of using traditional monetization channels, domain investors are finding that the highest payouts for qualified traffic are coming from services selling traffic directly to advertisers.

Above.com has been selling qualified domain traffic for AutoPilot clients to direct advertisers on our Maximizer Advertising Channel since 2008.

We have been ahead of the direct advertiser revenue trend for 10 years, which gives us distinct advantages in getting you the highest payouts.

Why is Maximizer Advertising Channel better than other direct advertiser channels? 

  • From the start, we have focused on delivering high quality, highly relevant traffic to advertisers.  Our reputation for quality means that advertisers are willing to pay more per visitor for our domain traffic than from other sources.  That means you can earn the highest payouts using Maximizer.
  • We are serious about protecting the value of your domain assets.  That’s why Maximizer works exclusively with advertisers from company-owned Trellian Direct Search Network.  This allows us to carefully screen and monitor all advertisers and their landing pages in order to protect against redirection to malicious sites.

Throughout last month’s NamesCon conference, clients made a point to stop by our booth to say how impressed they were with Maximizer. In fact, some clients saw their revenue jump over 400% during the 2017 holiday season!

Advertisers buy what works, and they are demanding more and more domain traffic from Above in all verticals.

If you are ready to see what you have been missing out on, follow these steps and discover how high Maximizer can drive your traffic’s revenue.

  • If currently pointing domains to Above’s DNS, make sure Maximizer is enabled in your folder settings.
  • If not yet pointing domains to Above’s name server, make the change now!
  • Contact us to confirm your domains are properly prepared in order to get the most out of Maximizer.