What Is Domain Parking ?

Domain buying and selling has for long been a very profitable business. If a domainer (person who buys and sells domain names for a living) is lucky enough to buy a domain at the right time, predicting the upcoming trends, they could sell it for an astronomical profit. For example, the domain Candy.com recently sold for 3 million US dollars.

What does selling domain have to do with ‘Domain Parking’?
There are two kind of domain parking: monetized and non-monetized. The latter is a simple ‘Coming Soon…’ message displayed on the page. But what I am talking about is the former, which is where a domain owner converts traffic to a domain, into money. Most domain owners also offer the domain name for sale, and ‘park’ it while they wait for someone to offer the right price.

How does Domain Parking work?
Have you ever
clicked a result in Google to find the webpage no longer exists. All that
remains is a page of ads? This was probably a parked domain. Owning a domain is
much like owning real estate. You purchase it when it is cheap and still
developing, then sell it when it becomes more popular and property becomes more
scarce. In the mean time, you can rent it out. Domain parking is much like
renting out your house, while you wait for it to appreciate and sell at a good

Using a parking service, such as SEDO or Domain Sponsor, a domain
owner is able to have advertising displayed on their domain without creating a
website. Most parking services are PPC (pay per click), so the account holder is
paid every time a viewer clicks on an ad. There are some pay per impression
parking services, but they generally require that you have a large domain

I want to start ‘domaining’!
Successful domaining
generally requires some knowledge of trends and a bit of luck at some domain
auctions. But the beauty is – anyone can do it! Your investment is much smaller
and thus a smaller risk than purchasing real estate or other investments.

Once you have a few domains under your belt, you will probably want to
be getting the most out of them, right? Luckily, there are a few tools to help
you along the way!

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