Watch your TLD’s when buying domains

New TLD‘s are continually being added and it can be easy to get caught up in these.

A generic name, such as ‘’ can prove to be a good investment but a domain of another TLD, such as or, will generally have a much lower value.

There are ways to benefit from ccTLD‘s and gTLD‘s, although this can prove to be very difficult.

TLD‘s such as .com, .net and even .info are valuable. Certain ccTLD‘s have been successful such as .us and .fr; sold for USD$851,875 at the beginning of 2010.  

Filling your portfolio with generic domains of a brand new TLD is generally not a smart move, unless you have done your research or believe the new TLD will take off. And, with the flood of different TLD‘s on the market, the likelihood of this is slim.

Columbia has announced that the ccTLD .co will be released in the beginning of 2010; this is an interesting ccTLD as .co is a typo for .com domains, when users forget the ‘m’.

.co will have a different value than most ccTLD‘s especially for:

  • TM Holders, to ensure protection of their trademark
  • Website and company owners without trademarks that are looking to protect their name
  • Competitors that do not own the .com version of their name, who are looking to enter the Internet market
  • Domainers who aim to capitalize and monetize on type in traffic; going to .co versions of popular domain names

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