Verified Stats Offer Transparency In Domain Sales

above-verified-stats-screenshot-2One quick and easy way to gain a buyer’s trust is by using Above’s verified stats feature.

This feature lets sellers with domains on Above’s AutoPilot grant temporary access to revenue and traffic stats on domains being offered for sale and can even make a buyer be more likely to submit an offer.

Verified stats empower sellers to make more money because Above’s trusted stats provide buyers with transparency that can make them more confident in what would be a fair purchase price.

For example: Some clients using Above’s Maximizer Advertising Channel have been generating large amounts of revenue during the holiday season and could use verified stats as proof of what their domain is capable of bringing in during peak seasons. With this transparency, the buyer can determine what a given domain is worth and is therefore more likely to make a fair offer or click to purchase at the BuyNow price.

Above users can select all the domains in their account, all the domains within a folder, or enter domains individually. The domain owner controls who can see the stats, for how long, and what is or is not able to be seen.

The different types of verified stats offered by Above include:

  • Traffic Only
  • Revenue only
  • Demographics only
  • Marketshare only
  • All of the above

For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Above users who are selling domains can create new codes and manage existing codes here. This is also where potential buyers will need to visit to enter codes they have received from sellers.

If you have traffic or revenue domains you want to sell, check out the Above marketplace.