Stricter .CN Regulations Lead to Registration Drop

CNINIC (.CN Registry) has recently introduced stricter regulations for registering .CN domains. As a results, some Chinese businesses and website owners are looking elsewhere when registering domain names. The new regulations require that .CN domains be registered with the Chinese government. Failure to do some will result in your domain being disabled/deleted.

Most likely the result of these new regulations, .CN is not longer the
largest ccTLD. It has been overtaken by .DE (ccTLD for Germany). A
report in December 2009 from Verisign showed a significant decline in
registrations of .CN domains, with the growth rate dropping from 76%
(reported in December 2008) to 3%. However, other ccTLD’s remained much
more consistent.

“An estimated twenty to thirty percent of new
customers are now going for .com instead of .cn domain names.” said
Song Yingqiao, vice-president at HiChina, a leading domain registrar.

is thought that these new stricter regulations are most likely a result
of the bad wrap that the .CN ccTLD has received, due to reports that
.CN domains are commonly used in phishing attacks.