Simplify Domain Sales With Above’s Streamlined Offer Manager

The process of completing tasks to manage a portfolio can be unnecessarily complicated and tedious. But it does not have to be this way…’s platform streamlines the offers management process. Your time is a priority for us, which is why we help you to quickly manage incoming offers in just 3 clicks!

If you have domains listed for sale in the Above Marketplace, you have probably seen a number next to the “Offers” tab in the dashboard’s main menu. This is the number of offers on your listed domains that still need an action to be taken.
An account with 72 new offers to respond to

After clicking “Offers” in the dashboard’s main menu, you can quickly respond to open offers on the next screen by clicking the “please respond to offer” link.

Example of incoming offers table.

The following page will present four options:

  1.  Accept & ListList the domain in a 7-day auction. The “accepted” offer will become the reserve. If a higher bid is not placed, that offer will also become the winning bid.
  2.  Accept & CloseAccept the offer, begin the escrow process.
  3.  CounterSend a counter offer to the buyer for review. If they accept, the sale will automatically be accepted and the escrow process will begin.
  4.  RejectDecline the offer and end negotiations.

Don’t forget: you can have our experienced brokers manage the entire offer management process for you! Contact them to get started.