Quickly Resolve Domain Ownership Conflicts With Above’s Custom DNS Feature

Tired of conflicts over domain ownership when adding your domains to monetization services? Above.com’s solution is our new Custom DNS feature, which simplifies this process as our system can now resolve any domain ownership conflict automatically within just a few hours!

As technology leaders in the domain industry for the past 10 years, we are excited Above.com clients have one less headache to deal with as they can easily settle conflicts when adding domains into their Above AutoPilot or Brokerage account. If you are using privacy on your domains or the EU’s GDPR applies to you, we highly recommend using this new innovative feature.

It works by providing a custom DNS, which is unique and individually assigned to your Above account. Pointing your domains to your custom DNS proves ownership of those domains.

To create a custom DNS for your account, click the “Generate Custom Above DNS” button on the Add Domains page. Your custom DNS is then displayed to the right of the domain entry field. We recommend that you keep your custom DNS private and not share it with others as it should only be used for domains in your own Above account.

If you have any domains in conflict, they will all be resolved automatically within a few hours simply by changing the DNS for the conflicting domains to your Custom Above DNS.

You do not have to change all domains in your account to the custom DNS, only new domains being added or domains currently in conflict. Although not required, you can always switch back to the default Above DNS if you prefer to use that DNS. Just wait a few hours until the conflicts have been resolved before doing so.

Using the Custom Above DNS feature is optional, but it is a great way to quickly and easily prove ownership when adding domains to your Above AutoPilot or Brokerage account.

For detailed instructions, visit the Above Manual. You can also email support@above.com with questions or reach us on live chat.