Prove Domain Ownership With Custom Above DNS Feature

Proving domain ownership when adding domains into your account is now easier than ever!

We are offering clients a customized DNS that simplifies the process of adding domains to your account by automatically proving domain ownership within just a few hours.

Any domains currently in conflict will be resolved simply by changing the DNS for the conflicting domains to your Custom Above DNS.

If you are using privacy on your domains or the EU’s GDPR applies to you, we highly recommend using this unique solution. Doing so will allow our system to automatically settle conflicts more quickly in your account.

To create a custom DNS for your account, click the “Generate Custom Above DNS” button on the Add Domains page. Your custom DNS is then displayed to the right of the domain entry field. We recommend that you keep your custom DNS private and not share it with others as it should only be used for domains in your own Above account.

For detailed instructions, visit the Above Manual. You can also email with questions or reach us on live chat.