Powerful Domain Portfolio Management Tool Included in Above Registrar

above.com registrarEven seasoned domain investors can have difficulty keeping track of all of their domain names. In fact, a recent DomainState survey shows that 92% of 263 respondents felt that this was one of the most difficult tasks for them to manage.

DomainState Survey Results

Above.com can help you keep track of and organize domain names, reducing the complexity of managing your domain portfolio, and helping you to make better business decisions.  This is made possible via the Above.com Registrar, which includes a powerful inventory tracking tool, accessible from your MyDomains page. From there, your domain’s key data is easily viewed or updated online, and you can export the data for offline safekeeping.

This Above Registrar feature allows you to record the purchase price and appraised value of your domains. You can assign a category to your domains using a drop down list of popular industry categories. You can also assign up to five keywords that may be useful for Pay Per Click service to be used as flags that will remind you of possible issues, complaints, or goals for the domain. While some of these data elements are provided by you using the MyDomains interface, the performance data of your parked domains is gathered dynamically with the most recent twelve months of traffic and parking performance history stored for viewing or to be exported.

For more information about using the Above.com’s MyDomains feature for organizing your inventory, please contact us..