Now Available at “Domain Sales Landing Page” has added a Domain Sales Landing Page that redirects prospective buyer to the Above Marketplace to make an offer or place a bid. This service is perfectly suited for a domain investor who values the following:

  • Does NOT want advertisement on their domain’s landing page
  • Does NOT want to deal with payment collection from buyer
  • Does NOT want to managing escrow
  • Does want to capture all bidding and offers history in one easy to access place
  • Does want to capture all visitor stats to the domain

All domains sold through the Marketplace are processed through’s escrow service at no additional fee. Commission rates on all standard Marketplace domain sales are 10%.

If your domain is already listed for sale at Above or is in auction, then your domain will be redirected to a landing page that looks like this:

If your domain has not been submitted into the Marketplace, then your buyers will see a landing page that would look like this:

For information on how to use this service, send us a message using out Contact Us page at


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