New Tool Offers Seamless Expiration Tracking Across ALL Registrars

Above’s Consolidator tool was created with one goal in mind: to make the lives of domain investors easier by revamping the way they manage domain expirations and renewals!

Consolidator is a free tool for domain investors that was rolled out as part of Portfolio Manager.

It pulls whois data for domains spread out across multiple registrars into one convenient dashboard.

No matter how big or small your portfolio is, and no matter how many registrars you are using, the Consolidator tool can help you save time and cut costs.

  • It saves time by pulling the whois expiration date, dns setting, and registrar name for all of your domains into one convenient dashboard.  No more updating of spreadsheets or logging in at multiple registrar accounts.
  • It cuts costs by pulling traffic and revenue stats from your Above AutoPilot account so that you only renew domains meeting your performance criteria.

By eliminating these time-consuming components of managing your domain portfolio, you will have more time for the parts of domain investing you actually enjoy!

To try Consolidator, clients do not even have to change their DNS. New users can simply upload or copy/paste domains into their Above account. To see how it works, try just uploading a portion of your domains as a test.

For existing clients with domains already loaded into AutoPilot, login and visit the Consolidator tool dashboard in the Portfolio Manager section of your account.

Ready to give Consolidator a shot? Watch this brief video to get started!