Advertisers Captivated By Maximizer’s Exclusive Domain Traffic at AWE

The team could not have asked for a better experience at Affiliate World Europe. Our booth was buzzing with interest from top affiliate marketers, direct advertisers, established brands, and media buyers worldwide.

Visitors at the booth were engaged and impressed by the fact that we enable highly select premium advertisers, marketers, and brands to bid on traffic coming directly from our exclusive source of domain traffic being sent to’s AutoPilot Maximizer.

Some advertisers were familiar with domain traffic. However, the idea of cutting out the middle man, controlling the traffic every step of the way to ensure quality and relevance, and our exclusive source of domain traffic was a new and unique concept that really resonated with the audience.

Since returning from Barcelona, we have been busy screening and qualifying the hundreds of new prospective advertisers and brands we met. These new prospects are ready to get started right away as we select from the top-tier to ensure only premium users gain access to bid on Maximizer’s traffic.

Increased competition for Maximizer’s traffic ultimately leads to higher payouts on more domains as new advertisers from all corners of the world compete for Maximizer’s exclusive, high-quality traffic. Since we never sell to ad exchanges and control our traffic every step of the way, advertisers become willing to pay more as they immediately start seeing the results in their return on investment.

In addition to our premium domain traffic, there were also many entrepreneurial attendees who were interested in buying domain names for their many different projects and landing pages. Many were already using new TLD’s and want to buy relevant domains for their businesses in a variety of extensions.

They were highly receptive to the idea of buying keyword domain names from the Marketplace to improve credibility and click-through rates for their offers and lead generation efforts.

If you have questions about using’s AutoPilot Maximizer for unmatched domain traffic payouts, send us an email or contact us on Live Chat!