Maximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager

above parking managerMaximizer Payouts have Increased on Parking Manager!

The point of being a domain investor is making money, and our Maximizer feature was designed to help you do just that.

The Maximizer is our exclusive monetization program that offers your domain traffic to premium direct advertisers through the Trellian Direct Search Network. The Maximizer diversifies your strategy and increases your revenues by optimizing and finding the best performing options for your parked domains.

Currently, quality traffic is in high demand, and we want this increase in demand to benefit you.

Have you noticed an increase in your revenues? Several of our clients are already reporting substantial increases in revenues since the March 5th implementation.  To find out how much more revenue you are generating from the Maximizer, login to your account, run a report in “statistics” using March 5 as your start date, and select the Maximizer as your service.

If you are new to the Maximizer, getting your account set up is a three-step process:

  • DNS settings for each domain must be set to the Above DNS servers.
  • Your account must be authorized by an account manager in order to earn Maximizer revenues.
  • Domains need to be cataloged to a keyword in our system. Once you contact your account manager, they will coordinate cataloging.

If you see the “Activation Pending” notice, contact support in order for your account to be authorized to use the Maximizer.

For more information, contact us.


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