Maximizer Offers Exclusive Access to Premium Ad Network

Premium advertisers from company-owned Trellian Direct Search Network are bidding aggressively for domain traffic from Above.

Why not unlock the earning power of your traffic..

Simply point your domains to Above’s DNS and then click the “Manage Folders” top menu link to see whether the Maximizer feature is enabled for each folder. If not, click to edit the respective folder then click to enable Maximizer.

Since 2008, Trellian has built a reputation for delivering high quality, highly targeted domain traffic. As a result, their premium advertisers are willing to bid higher than they would at other domain traffic providers. So don’t miss your opportunity to drive revenues higher.

Trellian is also serious about protecting the value of your domains. Advertisers are carefully screened and monitored against redirection to malicious landing pages.

Above is also pro-active about protecting your domains. Landing pages are regularly scanned for malicious content. If found, you are notified and immediate action is taken with the advertiser or your monetization service.

Do your domains qualify for exclusive high payouts? Send us a list of your domains to find out. This is the season for strongest advertiser demand. Don’t miss the chance to drive your earnings higher!