Is UDRP really fair and unbiased ?

The UDRP is the procedure that is used when someone wants to complain about the rights to a domain.
While it was established by ICANN, there are several companies that share the disputes.
Each of those companies select a panel to study each case and make a decision.
However it seems that at least one of these companies may not be totally fair.

Indeed, a recent study shows that the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) has a roster of 141 panelists but one member presided in 10% of all cases.
It is obvious that with 141 panelists, a member should be part of no more than 1% of all decisions.
Furthermore, this specific panelist, is one of those who transfer the most claims, with more than 92% of the claims transferred.
If we want the world at large to understand that the Internet and domain names are not the Wild Wide West and that there are rules, ICANN definitely needs to do something.

Source: DNAttorney